Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tesla Cybertruck: Elon Musk shows the possible production version

Unless another unforeseen event comes your way, The Tesla Cybertruck will start manufacturing this year, although mass production will wait until the next. Due to the proximity of such an important event, Elon Musk took advantage of his account Twitter (X) to show the version that its lucky owners will most likely receive.

“I just drove the production candidate Cybertruck at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas!” the mogul commented. Now, you have to analyze his words well. Elon Musk, at the moment, is not entirely sure if this is the version that we will see circulating on the streets very soon. Because there are still several months to go before production starts, some changes cannot be ruled out.

However, any modifications to the Tesla Cybertruck that occur at this stage of its development should be minor. Therefore, the unit that Elon Musk led is, at least, very close to the final final version.

The company had already notified its suppliers that the Tesla Cybertruck production candidate would be ready sometime in August. This with the intention of having everything ready to begin manufacturing the first units. And it is that they have the objective of celebrating a first delivery event during the third quarter of 2023. Specifically, at the end of September.

Unfortunately, Elon Musk did not delve into details or news of the Tesla Cybertruck production candidate. The photo also does not allow us to appreciate the interior, a section that generates great curiosity among buyers. The reason? For some reason, the manufacturer has tried to keep the changes made to the cabin a secret. It hasn’t always been successful, mind you…

The latest changes to the Tesla Cybertruck

Last March, during Investor Day, Tesla exhibited a Cybetruck at the event site. Some curious people approached until they managed to photograph it from all possible angles. Because the exterior is already more than familiar, they focused their lenses on the interior.

The great novelty that caught our eye is the incorporation of the new yoke steering wheel. Despite maintaining a sporty character, it adopts a conventional shape to facilitate handling.

On the other hand, the Tesla Cybetruck will boast a complete infotainment system made up of two panels. It is inspired, in fact, by that of the Tesla Model S and Model X. In the front part, right in the center, there is a large screen from which it will be possible to control practically all the functions of the vehicle. Rear passengers, for their part, will be able to interact with a second screen; also of considerable size.

As for the exterior, we recently got a glimpse of the front trunk. Like other electric vehicles, the absence of a combustion engine allows for additional storage space in the front. However, just in June we were able to observe the Tesla Cybertruck. Although the photographs are not as clear as we would like – they were captured without authorization, of course – there is no doubt that it is enormous.

Another huge change already confirmed outside is that the Tesla Cybetruck It will have no handles to open its doors. So how can we access the pickup? It will have an automated opening system. When the owner is near, the doors will open automatically. Elon Musk himself considers this novelty a “masterpiece”.

Of course, the automaker has yet to disclose all the characteristics of the production model, including its final price. Believe it or not, that data is still under lock and key. Surely, over the next few weeks, Elon Musk and his team will report everything about the final version of the Tesla Cybetruck. Once the design is finished, they can focus on meeting the goal of manufacturing 375,000 units per year.

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