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Telegram: You can use the unlimited storage cloud developed by the app

Telegram is WhatsApp’s direct competitive application in the field of instant messaging. However, its evolution has allowed it to enter new market niches, expanding its functions.

Telegram: You can use the unlimited storage cloud developed by the app

That is the case of cloud storage, where platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, among others, have a certain position among users.

In the case of Telegram, there is a little known possibility of saving files within the application in an unlimited way.

Telegram storage cloud

The basic way to save files within the application was by sending you images, videos, documents, among other things, to your chat that already had the name “Messages to save”.

However, that mechanism is limited to just 2 GB of storage.

However, the Telegram developers work on an open-source project that uses the Telegram API, called Tele Drive.

This feature offers free unlimited cloud storage service.

“The creators of TeleDrive put at your disposal two modes: one free and one paid. The first one allows you to upload files of a maximum of 2 GB with a limit of 1.4 GB of daily traffic while, in the paid version, which is priced at 10 dollars a year, about 8.81 euros per year, you have unlimited upload and download speeds and no daily limit. says, Andro4all.

To start your cloud you must:

  • Access the website of TeleDrive from your computer or mobile.
  • Click on the button register now.
  • Log in to your Telegram account with your phone number or by scanning the QR code with the Telegram app if you do it from the PC.

After you have done these steps, you will find a web interface that will familiarize you with google drive or OneDrive and where you can upload files as long as they do not exceed 2GB in weight.

These files will appear in your chat within the app.


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