Thursday, June 1, 2023

TCG Anadolu came to Izmir

TCG Anadolu, the largest warship of the Turkish Armed Forces, of domestic and national production, arrived in Izmir.

TCG Anadolu, the world’s first armed unmanned aerial vehicle (SİHA) ship and Turkey’s largest military warship, turned its route to İzmir after completing its 16-day visit in Istanbul Sarayburnu. TCG can deploy 10 helicopters or 11 SİHAs on the flight deck, 19 helicopters or 30 SİHAs in its hangar, and can carry a total of 94 vehicles, including 13 tanks, 27 armored amphibious assault vehicles (ZAHA), 6 armored personnel carriers, 33 miscellaneous vehicles and 15 trailers. Anatolia reached Izmir this morning. At around 06:40, when TCG Anadolu entered İzmir, İzmir Bay was closed to ship traffic. With a length of 231 meters and a width of 32 meters, TCG Anadolu was accompanied by 6 tugboats and coast guard boats during its passage. It is stated that the ship can be visited for 10 days in Izmir Port, where it has anchored as of 12:00 today.


The world’s first SİHA ship ‘TCG Anadolu’ is the world’s ‘first SİHA ship’ with SİHAs to land and take off. Weapon systems on the ship, war management system, electronic warfare systems, infrared search and tracking system, electro-optical search system, laser warning system, torpedo defense system, radars, communication systems, navigation systems, information distribution systems were developed with domestic and national resources. The ship can also be used for natural disaster relief missions when necessary. Thanks to the full-fledged hospital and operating room facilities, it will be able to provide medical support in natural disaster relief, humanitarian aid and refugee evacuation operations. With a maximum full load displacement of 27 thousand 436 tons, the ship can operate at a maximum speed of at least 20.5 knots and an economic speed of 16 knots. 4 mechanized landing craft, each carrying 1 tank, can enter the water-capable pool inside the ‘TCG Anadolu’, which has a cruising range of at least 9 thousand nautical miles at full load with its economic speed. The ship will host 1223 personnel. There is also a full-fledged hospital facility and 2 operating theaters on board.


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