Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tamashi opens branch in Piantini

Tamashi Piantini, a Grupo Jade brand, opened its doors with an advanced design, totally new and avant-garde, in the shopping plaza walk gallery, Located on Paseo de los Locutores street, almost on the corner of Abraham Lincoln Avenue.

The new location aims to meet the demanding expectations of lovers of sushi, as well as good Japanese and Hawaiian food.

Tamashi has positioned itself as the differentiating culinary option par excellence of the central area in terms of sushi.

Its variety of dishes and the combination of flavors are memorable and allow diners to enjoy an experience in which the five senses are caressed, thanks to an otherwise healthy gastronomic proposal.

For this, an environment has been designed that feels different from the outset, in which wood, textures and soft tones harmonize with avant-garde architecture, which denotes the freshness with which the diner receives the food.

“We wanted to make the new Tamashi Piantini a rewarding experience for everyone who visits us, so that they can disconnect and enter a reenergizing moment, in a harmonious space where they can try the best sushi proposal in the city” , said Charlie García, general manager of the brand.

The executive also indicated that the success of Tamashi lies in the fact that its creative and healthy cuisine becomes a kind of oasis that takes the routine out of the routine and takes the diner to new levels of freshness, deliciousness and pleasure.

Tamashi is a brand that is open to new times and the most demanding consumers, with the quality and freshness of its dishes in pleasant environments as its central axis, verifiable in a menu that covers the widest range of the public and is based on innovative proposals. .


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