Thursday, December 1, 2022

Tairs Worldwide announces agreement that will expand its tourism services

The international tourist and airport services company, Tairs Worldwide, announced the expansion of operations from its office in the Dominican Republic, increasing the number of employees in the operating room, call centermultilanguage, engineers, software programmers and custom care assistants.

Tairs Worldwide reported that it recently closed a strategic agreement with leading airport operators in countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Colombia, Panama and Barbados.

Tairs Worldwide is an international tourist and airport services company, based in the Dominican Republic, leader in Latin America and Europe thanks to its technology and “know how” in contingency and emergency operations for the handling of passengers affected by flight cancellations.

The company works in collaboration with the main international airlines, as reported by its chief executive (CEO), Chairman Attilio Perna, at the time of announcing the agreement with the operators of the seven mentioned countries.

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