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Taapsee Pannu called the people of Bollywood ‘miserly’, said- everyone comes to parties empty-handed

There are grand parties in Bollywood. So grand that you can’t even imagine, but do you know the truth behind them? Actress Taapsee Pannu has revealed that no matter how grand Bollywood parties are, everyone reaches empty-handed. No one comes with a gift. Be it a birthday party or a celebration party. Taapsee Pannu said in an interview that Bollywood people are very different from regular people. Their social etiquettes are different. The actress said that whether it is a birthday party or a Diwali party, no one takes gifts to anyone’s house here.

Taapsee told the truth
In a conversation with The Lallantop, Taapsee Pannu told that she attends Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday parties. But when she was asked what gift she takes for the actor, Taapsee said that what would anyone give? What can anyone give to Shahrukh? Nobody gives anything. Along with this, Taapsee said that what can people give to Shahrukh, when he has everything.

When the host of the channel asked Taapsee that you can gift her a book, the actress said that I do not know what kind of books Shah Rukh likes to read. At that time I think or whoever will be in my place, he will think that whatever you give to Shahrukh, he will call it good. Will say thank you. Will keep it, but if he doesn’t like it, he can judge you for it. He may think that he gave me this bad gift, so you can agree that you will not be invited to the next party. So thinking of many such things, you do not give any gift. That’s why I also did not take anything for Shahrukh.

Taapsee also talked about the Diwali party to be held at the Bachchan family’s place. He said that everyone goes there without gifts. When the host of the channel laughed at this, Taapsee said that yes, all are very stingy type people. Taapsee told that earlier she also used to take gifts to parties, but when she saw that no one came with a gift, she too stopped taking it. Taapsee said that I used to feel very strange. Perhaps I was the only one who used to reach with a ‘dabba’ (gift). But now the actress does not do this.


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