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Taali Review: The voice of ‘Clap’ could not resonate, Sushmita’s attitude turned pale, the dialogues of the powerful story saved the shame

What will you become when you grow up? ‘I want to be a mother. Have to make round chapatis. Everyone has to be taken care of. When a policeman’s son gives such an answer to such a question, then it is sure to become a laughing stock among the children. You must be thinking the same. But what would you say if the answer was given by a child who is struggling with his core identity? Such a human body who has taken birth as a boy, but his inner soul is crying out to make him feel like a girl. Sushmita Sen’s recently released web series ‘Tali’ reveals one such story. So let’s tell you, how is this series, let’s review it.

clap overview
First of all, let’s talk about the story of ‘Tali’ series. Taali is a biographical drama based on the life of transgender activist Shrigauri Sawant. The series claims that every important aspect of Shree Gauri’s life has been shown in it. In the series, the whole story from the time he came to know about his trans has been shown. Gauri i.e. Ganesh ran away from home at the age of 13-14, because he did not want to be a cause of embarrassment for his father. It is from here that the journey of Ganesha to become Gauri begins. Gauri faced every difficulty in life, always fought against the circumstances but never begged, nor did she choose the path of becoming a sex worker. Gauri herself told in an interview, the reason for this is probably because she is not beautiful. Neither she is fair, nor beautiful enough to entice anyone, that’s why maybe she was able to escape.

And this is where the Tali series makes a mistake for the first time. Makers probably forgot to do research on this main thing of Gauri. Because in the series, the actress who looks different from the real Ganesha’s look is Kritika Deo. Although Kritika has fully justified her role, but you will feel uncomfortable to relate her to Ganesh. As an obsession with fair complexion has often been seen in Bollywood cinema, it is visible here as well. As a viewer, it is very harsh. Because the childhood of Ganesha i.e. Gauri was not such a fair complexion as has been portrayed. In such a situation, your thinking goes beyond reality.

Sushmita Sen with Shree Gauri Sawant

how fast is the clap
The first episode begins with Gauri’s childhood with Ganesh…where he feels safe in his mother’s lap. He dreams of becoming like him, but cannot tolerate his father’s scolding eyes. Although the elder sister gets along. But after the sudden death of his mother, Ganesha, left alone, runs away from that house and starts his journey of becoming a transgender. In the series, every effort has been made to show Gauri’s three battles. First fight – of identity, second fight – of survival, third fight – of equality. But in the process of showing the fight for equality, the story of Ganesha becoming Gauri died somewhere.

Ganesh’s thinking of living his life in his own way and his inclination towards the trans community has been shown well. But the regret of not getting the support of the family and the shame that comes from not being accepted by the society, has definitely been a mistake of not being able to make the audience feel it. Sushmita Sen, who left an impression of strong acting in Arya, has also been seen to be lax at some places. For example, whether it is the scene of sex change operation or being influenced by the life of a eunuch, Sushmita looked light. Especially the look of him being the man seems very overhyped. But there are many such dialogues in the series, when she speaks, it seems that this story should stop here. Like I was waiting for this.

injustice done to the subject

Gauri’s fight is an inspiring story. This story has become possible only because it is not easy. There is a history attached to it. Gauri, who got recognition of third gender in Supreme Court, first transgender Gauri to become brand ambassador of Maharashtra Election Committee, is really a difficult task to describe. It is as difficult for us and people like you to understand, as it is to teach a child to read and write. Because everything has to be started from the beginning. In such a situation, Ravi Jadhav, the director of Tali, took a big step and produced this series. He had the burden of this whole community on his shoulders, which he could not reach completely to the right place. There are many places in the series, where you will feel that you will get to see a dramatic scene, then you will feel disappointed. Then you would think that perhaps the director might have done this while looking at the sensitive subject, but you don’t see that happening either. Then you will finish the entire episode waiting for a powerful scene. Believe me, we have taken out four episodes while yawning.

Shrigauri Sawant with Sushmita Sen

In the series, those troubles and confusions that a trans community goes through have definitely been shown. But the way of showing it is a bit poor. You will connect yourself with the people around you more than the Victim. Being a common man, you would think that if it had happened in our house, we would have behaved in the same way or it would have happened like this. Who can accept so soon? On the other hand, the scene for which you eagerly wait is that of Ganesh becoming Gauri. That scene has been removed so comfortably that you will not be able to feel its impact far and wide. After being insulted by his own community during a seminar, Ganesh decides to undergo a sex change operation. But this decision of hers will not have any effect on you, because neither the background music there is so amazing that your eyes will stick nor Sushmita’s dialogue has power.

Scene passing like a local train

In many places you also miss research. Many simple questions will start arising in your mind that if Gauri is so poor that she is living on rent with a small room. She is working as a waiter in a hotel to make ends meet, so where did she get the money for the expensive sex change operation? And if an NGO is helping him then why and how? Why so kind to only one? There is another scene there, seeing which you will say, oh it’s over, that was all? Actually, Gauri gets an invitation to the US, where she has to go to a university and give a speech. It will be the first time that an Indian transgender will give a speech abroad. Seeing this, you will feel that some powerful speech of Gauri will be shown, but no……you will be disappointed here too. Because by showing you a comedy scene of the flight, the matter will be cut off.

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita’s expressions and punch

The power comes and goes in the series. The only thing that is very good is the punch that comes in between. There are many dialogues that really enter your mind. Like – ‘This country needs Yashoda a lot’, ‘I will clap, I will not clap’, ‘If you are not a man or a woman, you are not alive, what is wrong has to be changed’, ‘I want self-respect, respect and freedom all three’. India is a masculine word, yet we call it mother and mother does not see any difference in her children. After listening to such dialogues, you feel that there is still life left in this series. Although there is another part of the series which is very powerful. That is of the interview, where Gauri talks about the right to equality. Here, not only does Gauri stop speaking of anchors, but she really impresses with her words that two seats are reserved for transgenders in the channel.

Kritika Dev has been cast for the role of Ganesh, while Gauri Sawant’s face is Sushmita Sen. There is no doubt that Sushmita definitely looks like a strong face in the form of Gauri. His clap and eyes impress you a lot. But if proper attention was paid to the screenplay and background music, then there could not have been a better subject and series than this. The director could not have had a better way to introduce the public to the life of Gauri Sawant. The story is tremendous, the fight is also strong, the punch is also cool, but still this series fails to knock on your heart. And yes there is special news for the fans of Bigg Boss, your favorite voice over artist Vijay Vikram Singh will be seen playing the role of a lawyer in this series. The role is small, but he looks good on the screen.


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