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Surprised by Mahmudullah’s omission: Wasim Zafar

Bangladesh lost to England by a huge margin of 137 runs in their second match after getting a big win against Afghanistan in their first match of the World Cup. Discussions and criticisms are going on everywhere about such rate of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh team entered the field with a change against England. Mahmudullah was left out and Sheikh Mehdi was fielded against England. And former Indian cricketer and cricket analyst Wasim Zafar was surprised not to play experienced Mahmudullah in such an important match.

Riyad was in the eleven in the first match against Afghanistan in the World Cup. However, this experienced cricketer did not need to bat in that match. Off-spinner Mehdi Hasan has been benched for tactical reasons in the England match. Zafar was surprised by Mehdi’s inclusion in the team despite most of England’s batsmen being right-handed. According to the former cricketer, the omission of Mahmudullah Riyad was a surprise.

Cricket analyst Wasim Zafar told ESPN Cricinfo after the match against England that he was surprised by Mahmudullah’s omission. Riyad did not get a chance to bat against Afghanistan. And for strategic reasons, Bangladesh has left Riyadh. But Zafar was surprised to see it.

This former Indian opener said, ‘I understand the decision of the toss. They won against Afghanistan earlier by bowling. You can expect some humidity on the wicket too. However, I was surprised by the exclusion of Riyadh. Because there are more right-handed batsmen in England, the field is smaller. I am surprised by this decision.’ Meanwhile, the Bangladesh team also changed the batting position against England. Mirage played at three in the previous match but was dropped to five against England. Zafar cannot find the reason for the sudden change in the batting order of the Bangladesh team.

He said, ‘Mehdi who batted at number 3 in the previous match, he batted at number five against England. I do not know, what is the reason? Quiet though all three batted; However, the decision to play Mehdi in three has worked for them.

(October 11/NBW)


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