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Surprise: this is how much it costs to manufacture the new iPhone 15 Pro Max

For Apple, manufacturing a new iPhone 15 Pro Max is more expensive than manufacturing an iPhone 14 Pro Maxaccording to a new report from Counterpoint Research to which you have had access 9to5Mac. The firm has had access to a “combined bill of materials” that has allowed them to know what price the company pays for the components and, therefore, how much it costs them to assemble the highest-end model.

Counterpoint Research affirms that manufacturing a 256 GB iPhone 15 Pro Max (available for 1,469 euros) costs approximately $502. That is, 8% more than manufacturing an iPhone 14 Pro Max of the same capacity. Apple, specifically, pays $37.70 more for the manufacture of the current modelsince last year it cost the company about $465 to manufacture the iPhone 14 Pro in a 6.7-inch size.

Apple, precisely, already increased the manufacturing cost of the iPhone 14 Pro last year by 3% compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max due to the new components. In this case, the rise is higher for three reasons. One of them is the new material that include the iPhone 15 Pro: titanium, which is more expensive than stainless steel. Another reason is the new cperiscope camera that integrates the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and that allows you to take photographs with an optical zoom of up to 15x. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max It has an A17 Pro chipwhose manufacturing is more expensive than previous processors of the brand.

These are the prices of the new components of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

In fact, the A17 Pro chip is one of the most expensive components of the new iPhone. This processor is manufactured in a 3 nanometer process by TSMC, a company that reported that they would not begin working with this architecture until 2024. Apple, however, reached an exclusive agreement with the Asian manufacturer to obtain the 3 nanometer chips this year. To Apple, specifically, each chip costs you about $30 more than the previous model: the A16 Bionic.

Including a titanium frame versus steel is also slightly more expensive. To Apple, specifically, it costs 7 euros more. Instead, Apple pays $25.1 more due to the new telephoto lens in front of the sensor included in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Although the total sum of these components is 62 euros, it only costs Apple $37.70 more to manufacture an iPhone 15 Pro Max thanks to the fact that some parts, such as RAM memory modules or the screen, They are cheaper this year. Furthermore, and as indicated Counterpoint ResearchAlthough this iPhone is more expensive to manufacture, it is still the most profitable model in the entire range.

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