Thursday, September 21, 2023

Surfer dies after bleeding to death in the sea

This Sunday the death of the surfer, Mikala Jones. It was in the indonesian shores where the professional suffered a tragic death while receiving a femoral artery cut at the height of the groin. This would have left him totally weakened and with a constant bleeding that, despite the aid, he could not be arrested and was subsequently would cause death.

According to what was reported by the Uruguayan surfer, Santiago Pereirawho was at the time of the unfortunate event, on the coast of the Indonesian Mentawai Island, Jones tried to mount a big wave of three times its size and when leaving this one could appreciate the court which presumably would have been with the fin of your own board.

Jones He put the Gopro in his mouth and started paddling with a lot of energy to suffer the second wave of one giant series. It was too big, three times its size… Coming out of the foam, several seconds later, he noticed that he had made a cut in the groin More waves came and he was able to pass under them, but no longer strong,” he said.

On the other hand, he made it clear that upon noticing what had happened, they immediately went looking for him to help himbut unfortunately despite their efforts they couldn’t save him because the blood loss had been excessive the ambulance arrived very late.

“He was breathing. We call for help. We arrived 20 minutes later at the coast where the ambulance was already waiting. We got him off the boat. I was unconsciouswe took him to the ambulance stretcher and closed the doors for him to go to the hospital, but it was too late. Mikala and he was gonemore than 20 minutes before uploading it, Mikala had already lost a lot of blood.”, sentenced the surfer.

mikala jones he was a highly recognized in the world of surf because of his quality and great performances; However, a few years ago he would have set aside competitions and dedicated himself to share your work only in social networks where I uploaded a lot of material.


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