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Sumbul is in love with Shalin Bhanot?, the discussion started, then the father of the actress clarified, said – she considers him as her father

Big Boss 16: What is the relation between Sumbul Touqueer Khan and Shaleen Bhanot? The whole country is asking this question now. Sumbul and Shaleen have always called each other friends, but Sumbul’s possessiveness and over-the-top seriousness are making his feelings known for Shaleen. Salman Khan said in Weekend Ka Vaar that Sumbul is obsessed with Shaleen. After being reprimanded by Salman, Sumbul’s father has now reacted to his daughter’s relationship with Shaleen.

What did Sumbul’s father say?

Sumbul’s father says that his daughter cares a lot for Shaleen Bhanot, but she is not obsessed with Shaleen. In an interview given to E-Times, Sumbul’s father answered the questions arising regarding the actress’ relationship with Shaleen. Sumbul’s father said- Sumbal is not at all obsessed with Shaleen, rather she is very caring about Shaleen. During the fight, Soundarya was also stopping MC Stan by holding her, no one noticed her, but Sumbul came in the limelight.

Sumbul’s father further said- everyone is kissing each other, hugging, all are friends, but if Sumbul does it then he is called. All this is happening since day one. Everyone knows that the more they target him, the more hype they will get. Sumbul has become a soft target. Sumbul’s father also claimed that Sumbul sees Shaleen as a father figure, as there are many things in common between the two. Both also share birthday.

Earlier Shaleen was told as Sumbul’s brother

Earlier, when Sumbul’s father had come on the show to show his daughter the right path, he had described Shaleen as Sumbul’s brother. Sumbul’s father had said that Shaleen is like a brother to Sumbul and Tina is like an elder sister. However, now Sumbul’s father has changed his stand and has told Shaleen as Sumbul’s father figure.

Salman showed the mirror of Sumbul

In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan reprimanded Sumbul for sticking to Shaleen. Actually, after the fight with MC Stan, Shaleen got angry with Tina, because Tina did not give a verdict in his favor. In such a situation, Sumbul started instigating Shaleen against Tina. Sumbul was not even allowing Shaleen to talk to Tina and constantly stuck to Shaleen. Salman Khan reprimanded Sumbul for his behaviour. Salman had said that Sumbul is obsessed with Shaleen. Sumbul’s father has now defended his daughter on this statement of Salman. What is your opinion. Does Sumbul consider Shaleen just a friend or more than a friend?

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