Friday, September 22, 2023

Sumar files a complaint with the CSD against Luis Rubiales and asks that he be removed from office

Add has denounced the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubialesbefore the Superior Sports Council, He requests that he be removed from his position and “that the protocol for action against sexual violence be put into operation,” according to what Marta Lois, deputy and spokesperson for the political party, has reported on her social networks.

For her part, the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has indicated that from Sumar “we have denounced what happened with Mr. Rubiales before the Higher Sports Council for serious infringement.”

The sports federations are subject to the Sports Law and the CSD must act so that “machismo does not go unpunished”, Díaz also points out on his social networks.

Díaz derives in his network to the information of in which the expanded complaint filed by Sumar and in which it is stated that Rubiales is subject to the sports law and that he not only exercises a private role, but that he is “responsible for carrying out public functions by delegation to the government of Spain.”

“For this reason, Sumar denounces Rubiales for a serious infraction included in the norm for which he could be sanctioned with the disqualification to hold positions in the entity between one month and two years,” says this means of communication.

The text, signed by Sumar’s parliamentary spokesperson, Marta Lois, and by the training’s sports coordinator, David Moscoso, addresses the president of the Higher Sports Council, Víctor Francos.

Sumar recalls that the CSD has “the powers over economic and administrative control, but also over discipline, of state-level sports entities.”

The letter describes what happened as “an act and an alleged aggression that has been publicly denounced by political authorities, the national and international media and by public opinion, for having occurred on the stage where the medals were being awarded to the players and before the cameras and the eyes of all those present , journalists and viewers.

Beyond the criminal consequences, Sumar recalls that theThe sports law requires federations and leagues to have protocols for prevention and action against situations of harassment, abuse and discrimination.

The letter addressed to the CSD emphasizes that Luis Rubiales, as president of a federation, is subject to the sports law “because in its article 43 relative to the delegated powers of the federations, even though they are private entities, they have a special regime by which They perform delegated public powers. Therefore, the President of the RFEF not only exercises a private role, he is responsible for carrying out public functions by delegation to the Spanish government,” Sumar says in his complaint.

The text also cites article 50, which describes that the CSD must “exercise disciplinary power” in the terms established by the norm.

“In other words, Mr. Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar performs public functions by delegation and, as an authority, he also exercises a role of public representation of the country,” says Sumar.

For all these reasons, Sumar assures that, as established by law, a serious infraction has been committed for which a sanction of “disqualification from holding positions in the sports entity for a period between one month and two years” can be established.


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