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Sukesh cheats Jacqueline-Nora! Work in films, Car-Bungalow, given the bluff of luxury life

Statements of Jacqueline Fernandes and Nora Fatehi have come to the fore in the money laundering case involving Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Both the actresses have made serious allegations against Sukesh and his active associate Pinky Irani. He says that Sukesh traps actresses through Pinky and lays traps for them. Jacqueline said in her statement, “Sukesh has played with my emotions and ruined my life. He has misled me. He has ruined my career.” Sukesh was introduced to Jacqueline as a government employee. Although, the actress had some doubts at that time, but later her make-up artist gave information about Sukesh confirming that he is the right person. Jacqueline had also received many calls from the Home Ministry.

Pinky Irani had convinced Jacqueline’s make-up artist Shaan Muthathil. It was said that Sukesh is associated with the Home Ministry and works for the government. Apart from this, he is the owner of Sun TV and belongs to Jayalalithaa’s family. Sukesh is a big fan of Jacqueline. He wants to work in South Indian cinema. Being the owner of Sun TV, he has many projects in which he wants to see Jacqueline.

Jacqueline gave a statement
Jacqueline said, “Sukesh used to stay connected with me through calls and video calls. We used to talk 2-3 times a day. Sukesh used to make video calls before shooting in the morning. Used to do it once a day. After that a Used to do it often at night, before sleeping. It was not known in the video call that he was calling me from jail. Whenever Sukesh was on the call, the curtains were drawn in the background and the sofa was visible.”

“When Sukesh talked to me about work, he said that a Delhi based writer has written the story. Sukesh used to tell me that he travels in his private jet. When I went to Kerala, he gave me his private Gave me a jet. A helicopter ride was also organized for me in Kerala. I met Sukesh only twice, that too in Chennai. Both times I traveled in his private jet.”

Jacqueline Fernandes has claimed that she last spoke to Sukesh on 8 August 2021. After this neither he nor Sukesh contacted him. Later, Jacqueline comes to know that Sukesh has been arrested. Sukesh has done some scam in the Home Ministry and Law Ministry, after which the police arrested him. Jacqueline said, “Both Pinky and Shekhar have cheated me. Cheated me. When I came to know about Shekhar’s criminal background, at the same time I also came to know about his real name which is Sukesh. Pinky knew about Sukesh’s every activity, but she never told me.”

“When I tried to get rid of Sukesh, Pinky used to call me continuously. She kept telling me that I was taking wrong decisions. There is no truth in all the things that are coming in the media about Sukesh. Nor You believe those things. I have known Sukesh for 12 years. He is not like that. Many times Pinky and Sukesh made me mad by creating false identities with me. Misled me. Sukesh has played with my emotions. My Has ruined my life. He has even put my career at stake.”

Nora Fatehi recorded statement
Not only Jacqueline, but Nora Fatehi has also made many serious allegations against Sukesh. Nora says that many times Sukesh used to get his work done through Pinky. Sukesh had promised Nora a big house, luxurious life, but on one condition. Sukesh wanted Nora to become his girlfriend, only after that he would give her all the comforts.

Nora said that during an event I had met a woman named Leena. I did not know who Sukesh was. Just knew that this person works for LS Corporation. I did not have any personal contact nor did I ever have a personal talk. Pinky told my cousin that Jacqueline is waiting in line, but Sukesh wants Nora to be his girlfriend and get all the facilities. When ED sent me a notice, then I came to know about Sukesh that he is a big thug. He did not even know about Sukesh’s truth. Nor had Nora ever met Sukesh. When the ED presented Nora in front of Sukesh, the two met for the first time.

Nora said that my make-up artist Bobby had sold the car to a third party. Sold in emergency because he was financially upset. I was not in the country during that time. When I came back, these people had shifted to a new place and the car had also been sold. Seven months later, I received a summon from the ED, then I went and came to know that Suresh is Sukesh. Both he and his wife are big thugs and they have a hand in the 200 crore scam.


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