Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sudden announcement of retirement Safjayi Swapna

The age is only 22. Now is the perfect time to play football. To take oneself to unique heights through excellent performance. But he suddenly took the most difficult decision of his life. This female football star has announced her retirement from international football. He himself confirmed the matter through social media.

Sapna wrote on Facebook about her decision to retire, ‘I retired from professional football of my own accord. I have been fortunate enough to play professional football for about eight years. I got a lot of things after coming to football career. Thanks and gratitude to Almighty Allah for everything.’

Swapna also writes, ‘I have met many people because of the game. So knowingly or unknowingly if I hurt anyone’s heart, please forgive me and everyone pray for me.’

(26 May/MM)


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