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Such demands are made in exchange for work, the actress was shocked to hear, narrated the pain of casting couch

It is said that whether it is TV or Bollywood, stepping into the acting industry is not in everyone’s capability. A lot has to be faced in the initial days. Bad things have to be heard. Don’t know how many rejections have to be faced. Then even if you get a serial or film, there is no guarantee that it will be a hit or a flop among the audience. Very rarely any actor can make his place among the fans. Something similar happened with ‘TV’s daughter-in-law’ Koshiki Rathore. Kaushiki saw her share of difficulties. In a recent interview, the actress narrated her experience of casting couch.

Actress told casting couch experience
‘Krishna Chali London’, ‘Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari’ and ‘Story 9 Months Ki’ fame Kaushiki Rathod will soon be seen in a negative role in ‘Durga Aur Charu’. In an interview, Kaushiki Rathore told that when she started her career, she used to get strange demands from the directors.

The industry has changed a lot, but there is only one thing that has not changed till now. That is asking for favors in return for work. Something similar happened with me too. When I started giving auditions, I got a project in South. Kaushiki Rathore said that everything was confirmed, but when I was given the contract, some conditions were kept in it. Was asked to compromise on some things. I had only heard about such things, but when this thing happened to me, I was completely shaken. I declined the offer, but what he told me had damaged my mental health.

Despite this incident, I think that not everyone is like this. All we need is to identify good and bad people. People have to understand that compromising is not right. If you have talent then you will get work. No one can snatch that from you.

Recently, Kaushiki Rathore had come in headlines for her weight loss. He had lost 15 kg in three months. Which is a wonderful thing in itself. Despite being a foodie, Kaushiki Rathod maintained her figure through exercise and diet. His transformation was really shocking.


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