Friday, September 22, 2023

Stupor among the players after Montse Tomé’s list

Bombshell on the first list Montse Tomé within the biggest crisis in the history of Women’s Football Spanish. The new coach moved forward with a luxury list, made up of fifteen of the World champions who were added Mapi León, Patri Guijarro and Amaiur Sarriegiwho gave up the championship.

They are Misa, Cata Coll and Enith Salón -the same three goalkeepers-, Paredes, Oihane, Olga Carmona, Ona Batlle -defenders-, Aitana, Alexia, Maria Pérez, Tere Abelleira -midfielders-, Athenea, Esther, Eva Navarro and Mariona. cited that repeat. Two new faces, Rosa Márquez and María Méndez. One who was on the prelist, Inma Gabarro. And the big ‘surprise’: Mapi León, Patri Guijarro, Amaiur Sarriegi and Lucía García, although the latter did not attend the World Cup due to a technical decision.

It is not, however, Jenni Hermosowhich the new coach did not want to talk about in the subsequent press conference because “it is the best way to protect her.”

Stupor in the locker room

The general feeling among the so-called soccer players is stupor, Well, they didn’t respond to the email RFEF this Sunday with an ultimatum and they understood that they maintained, thus, the condition of ‘not selectable’. As SPORT, from the Prensa Ibérica group, has learned, despite the fact that Montse Tomé has said that she has spoken with them, several of the soccer players – at least – They didn’t expect it because he didn’t tell them privately before giving the list.

Furthermore, the last statement from the Federation ended with a “We guarantee a safe environment for players and we are committed to a climate of mutual trust so that we can work together and ensure that women’s football continues to progress much more strongly.”

We will see this Tuesday which players attend the training camp. If they don’t, they could suffer serious consequences such as the withdrawal of their federation license temporarily – between two and fifteen years – and a financial fine, despite the fact that the Federation. Open war.


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