Saturday, September 30, 2023

Study: DR and El Salvador continue with the cheapest basic food basket in the region

The Dominican Republic and El Salvador lead the countries in the region with the cost of the cheapest Basic Food Basket (CBA), according to a price comparison research study recently carried out by the Central American Consumer Protection Council (Concadeco).

This was announced by the executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Eddy Alcántara, who explained that the report places the Central American country with the cheapest CBA, with a value of US$237.89.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that the Dominican Republic is in second place with the cost of the basic food basket valued at US$290.05.

He said that the price comparison report carried out this month details that the cost of food products in Panama is US$306.64; Honduras US$324.65; Nicaragua US$349.40; Guatemala US$448.89; and Costa Rica has the highest inflation index with 505.35 dollars.

He stated that, according to the investigation, the cost of the food basket presented a decrease in its value from 0.44% in El Salvador and a maximum of 1.25% in Honduras, except for Guatemala and Costa Rica that presented increases in their food prices. 0.54% and 2.90% respectively, due to the fluctuation in the cost of different food products.

Alcántara assured that the low prices of basic necessities that have been registered for months in the country, “guarantee economic stability in favor of the pockets of Dominican consumers.”

He indicated that the study of comparison of food prices in the region, in which the Dominican Republic is in second place with the cheapest basic basket, was carried out by the Secretary of Economic Development of Honduras through the General Directorate of Consumer Protection of that nation, presided over by Mario Castejón.

It was explained that these Central American countries are part of Concadeco, whose presidency is currently held by the Dominican Republic.

Alcántara highlights effective government measures

The executive director of Pro Consumidor, Eddy Alcántara, took the opportunity to explain that the stability of the prices of most of the products in the basic basket and the guaranteed supply in the Dominican Republic “is due to the effective economic policy drawn up and implemented by the President Luis Abinader.

He also argued that of the nations of Central America and the Dominican Republic that are members of Concadeco, “the country is the only one that does not have a shortage problem at present and future products are guaranteed in the next twelve months.”


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