Thursday, June 8, 2023

Strong words from President Erdoğan to Babacan and Davutoğlu: I knew their weight

President Erdoğan made important statements before the 2nd round of the presidential election, which will be held tomorrow. In the joint broadcast of Erdoğan A Haber and ATV, his former companions, current opposition leaders Ali Babacan and Ahmet Davutoğlu were also uploaded.


Starting his speech with harsh words, Erdogan said, “If these people are the prime minister, we have given the prime ministership. If the ministry is the ministry… But human beings are not satisfied. The person to whom we were assigned the prime ministership gave a farewell speech after their separation. He said that we are together until the grave, not until Sunday. The other one told me that the friends next to me were incompetent when he brought his resignation. When I asked how well the people with you were, they couldn’t answer me. I knew their weight.” said.


Erdoğan continued his statements as follows: “Kılıçdaroğlu needs to grab the seat. If you collect them all, he does not make 1. Kılıçdaroğlu’s problem is to grab the Presidency’s seat by whatever he does. We saw the situation in the first round. IYI Party, HDP on the other side. These two parties dominate. “Others can’t even collect 1 point. Kılıçdaroğlu is such an accountant that he gave them 40 deputies. The coalition against us is not alone. There are also benefactors of them outside.

Strong words from President Erdoğan to Babacan and Davutoğlu: I knew their weight


While we are trying to establish an independent strong Turkey, they want a divided Türkiye. When we get the election on Sunday, their accounts will not be kept. They will shatter, they will be smoke. Some or all of them will be retired. What is their weight on the international platform? What’s his weight? You can’t see that when you look at it. The leaders of the world are calling me intensely, ‘I will come first, I will come to the ceremony’. They also follow all public opinion polls. We say let’s see Sunday, we will call you. It would be wrong if we talk about some things right away. We did not close our doors to those who wanted to leave the party and join us. But those with criminal records are different. This upsets our base as well. It’s good to be patient. We don’t need a lot of them either.”


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