Friday, September 22, 2023

Strong reaction from Kılıçdaroğlu to Turkey’s Sweden decision: Biden called, Erdoğan returned

Turkey reached an agreement with Sweden yesterday, which rejected its NATO membership application on the grounds that they supported terrorism. The leaders who met at the NATO Summit agreed; Turkey will approve Sweden and Sweden will support Turkey in the EU process. Reacting to this decision, CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu made very clear statements saying, “They can never become members. Sweden did not step back, they burned the Qur’an. Biden phoned Erdogan and Erdogan turned 180 degrees. Is this how a state is governed?” said.


Headlines from Kılıçdaroğlu’s words: “I know that my citizens are in a difficult situation. I also know why they reproach you for not making your voice louder. We will raise our voices, but on the condition of increasing 25 million. Today, someone should visit my brother who complained and voted for the AK Party. My other friend needs to talk too. The homeland is not only my homeland, it is the homeland of all of us. There is a responsibility that history has imposed on us. If I have a problem, the citizen who is in a difficult situation than me also has a problem. Those who actually voted for the political power that implements the genocide economy, who set out to make a great gift to Turkey, should teach a lesson. They should raise their voices.


Our prisons are overcrowded. Those with political power find their man and go out. After the journalist wrote, they put him in prison again. Deputy Can Atalay is still in prison. Merdan Yanardag… There is no conviction about him, but inside. RTÜK penalized TELE1. These are the events we face in an undemocratic country. It will not intimidate us. We will continue our struggle to bring democracy to this country.


They said, “We do not accept membership in NATO,” because Sweden protects and keeps terrorist organization members in its country due to its membership in NATO. Clear and unambiguous statements were used, saying, ‘They can never become members’. Sweden did not back down. They burned our holy book, the Koran. The ruling wing did not react well to him either. Biden phoned Erdogan. Erdogan suddenly turned 180 degrees, he said, “We will say yes to Sweden’s entry into NATO, we will bring it to the Parliament.” Is this how a state is run?


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