Thursday, June 1, 2023

Statement from HUDA PAR, which is a matter of debate whether they will take the oath in the parliament: We will go and take our oath like everyone else

HUDA PAR Secretary General, Şehzade Demir, who was elected as a deputy from the AK Party list in Gaziantep with the support they gave to the People’s Alliance in the 28th term parliamentary elections, made statements at the Mardin Teachers’ House.


Stating that they did not have any problems with the text of the oath of parliamentary oath, Demir said, “The whole strategy of the West is to dominate Turkey’s new century together with the CHP and local crypto elements. They had such a plan, but HUDA PAR screwed it up and broke it. They deliberately set HUDA PAR as the target, rather than Erdogan, as they saw how much damage their unchanging and uncompromising strategy and understanding is at the center of politics, they deliberately targeted HUDA PAR. because of it,” he said.


Referring to the debate on the oath in the continuation of his statement, Demir said, “They are trying to deliberately cause crisis and create chaos. This is the reason for this oath issue. They wanted the government to fall and chaos before the 28 May second round election. Because all the ministers were elected as deputies. If the ministers had taken the oath in the Parliament, “They would have de facto deputies and the ministry would fall. They tried to take advantage of this, but it did not work. We have no problems or different opinions about the oath. We would go and take our oath like everyone else and take our place in the Parliament at the center of politics,” he said.


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