Prakash Jha On Bollywood StarsFilmmaker and producer Prakash Jha is known for his impeccable style. Whatever happens in Prakash Jha’s heart, he speaks openly. He has told in many of his interviews that how difficult it is for him to get the date of A-listers actors. Now Prakash Jha has targeted the top end legend actors of the industry.

What did Prakash Jha say about the actors?


Prakash Jha said in an interview with TOI – There have been 5-6 such actors. Look at the condition of these actors. Why would these people work in my films when they get Rs 50 crore for advertising gutkha. These actors are selling gutkha. Can you imagine? What are these top and legend actors doing?

Prakash Jha further said- We went to a school in search of the location. The school principal told me what are you guys doing in the Mumbai film industry? Our school children have been caught eating gutkha. Travel across North India via Lucknow, Prayagraj and Mughalsarai, there are huge hoardings, where all our big stars are selling all kinds of gutkha (tobacco) and pan masala. According to the school principal, children are getting addicted due to big stars endorsing pan masala.

Whom Prakash Jha told responsible for the bad content of films?


Talking about the poor quality of films, Prakash Jha said that stars will not care about the content of films when they know that they have earned Rs 400 crore by signing 4 films. Prakash Jha further said- However, an actor does not produce content. This is the job of a writer and director. If writers and directors take the time, they can make something great.

Only those actors can tell which actors Prakash Jha has taunted in his interview. But he has kept everything in front of everyone with impunity. At the same time, talking about Prakash Jha, he has recently made the film Matto Ki Cycle. The film has been released on 16 September.