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‘Starfield’ will receive the long-awaited DLSS support in its next update

Bethesda announced that starfield will receive support for DLSS, one of the most requested options by PC players. Almost two months after its launch, the exclusive Xbox and Windows game will add support for NVIDIA intelligent scaling in its next update. The studio’s official Twitter account (X) confirmed that the patch will be available starting next week.

“We’ve been working hard on Starfield updates and will be putting the next one into Steam Beta next week,” Bethesda mentioned. “This patch includes support for NVIDIA DLSS with frame generation, display and HDR controls for compatible systems, and other optimizations and improvements,” the company said on its social networks. The update will be available as beta before global rollout.

Support for DLSS is one of the most requested features by gamers. starfield, even before launch. After signing an exclusivity agreement with AMD, fans anticipated that Bethesda would leave out those who did not have a Radeon graphics card. This type of contracts favors the use of FSR and in most cases, prevents the developer from including support for DLSS and XESS, the scaling systems from NVIDIA and Intel.

While AMD stated that there was nothing to prevent starfield were to add support for DLSS, the contract states that priority is for FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. “When we make packages, we ask them: Are you willing to prioritize FSR?” said Frank Azor, head of AMD’s gaming division. “It is a request more than a demand. If they ask us for DLSS, we always say yes,” he assured.

Why is DLSS so important in games?

DLSS support is one of the almost default features that PC gamers expect nowadays. The technology analyzes multiple lower-resolution images and uses motion data and feedback from previous frames to reconstruct native-quality images. This allows Play at a higher resolution without sacrificing frame ratesince the demand on the graphics card is lower.

The use of DLSS is almost essential to activate ray tracing in games like Cyberpunk 2077 without dying in the attempt. In many cases, scaling andIt’s the only solution for those who don’t have money to buy the latest GPU. Considering that NVIDIA is the leader in the consumer graphics card market, it makes sense that most users would expect DLSS support.

The absence of this function in starfield It led the community to look for alternative solutions. Before the launch, a user launched a mod with DLSS support, but it charged $4 to download it from his Patreon. In accordance with videogamerthe mod generated more than $40,000 for its creator during its first month, despite the errors it generated when executed.

The need to include support for DLSS in starfield It is also related to the performance of FSR 2.0. AMD’s intelligent scaling distorts the image by adding noise to some surfaces, a bug that is common in all games that support it. NVIDIA’s technology offers a better balance of image quality/performance when compared to FSR 2.0.

How to download the update starfield with DLSS

Those interested in downloading the patch with DLSS will have to wait a few days. The update will be released first as betaso we will have to manually activate the option Betas inside the menu Properties on Steam. For now it is not possible to select it and there are no details about the version for Game Pass.

It is worth mentioning that support for DLSS will only be available to PC users with an NVIDIA RTX series graphics card. The frame generation feature is exclusive to those with an RTX 40 series GPU. Bethesda promised to announce all the details in the coming days.

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