Monday, December 11, 2023

Star Black is the new heavyweight champion, in the CMLL

There is a new monarch in the CMLL after Star Black managed to become the national heavyweight champion by defeating El Sagrado in the mythical Arena México.

In a one-on-one matchup of giants with a single fall, Star Black had to make the most of his arsenal to take home the legendary belt.

With a classic style, the man from Guadalajara diminished Maldito del Ring, who despite his experience and rudeness, succumbed to the young coach, who showed his flexibility with several sets inside and outside the ring.

After almost 20 minutes of combat, Star Black ended the fight with a punishment on the back that ended with a marine table to take the title with a touch of the back, in his second attempt.

This new champion joins the list of champions where names such as Cien Caras, Rayo de Jalisco, El Terrible, El Halcón, among others, stand out.

Star Black gets this title, which is added to the Western Welterweight Championship as well as the Western Heavyweight Championship and the Western Thirds Championship alongside Explosive and Fantastic.


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