Monday, December 4, 2023

Sri Lanka lost three wickets for 104 runs

Sri Lanka, who are looking for their first win in the current World Cup, lost three wickets for 104 runs when they came down to bat against a target of 263 runs given by the Netherlands.

Pathum Nishanka and Kushal Perera opened for the Lankans today. But these two openers could not take their pair far.

Kushal Perera’s departure for the team’s 18 runs broke this pair. Kushal Perora, who scored 5 runs from 8 balls, handed over the catch to the bass de lead and returned to the dressing room.

After the departure of Kushal Perera, Pathum Nishanka formed a pair with Kushal Mendis. But even this pair could not go far. Kushal Mendis’ departure for the team’s 52 runs broke this pair.

Kushal Mendis, who scored 11 runs off 17 balls, was caught by Aryan Dutt and returned home.

Pathum Nishanka paired with Sadira Samaravikrama after Kushar Mendis. In between, Pathum Nishanka picked up a personal half-century. He scored 50 runs off 48 balls. Which includes 8 fours.

However, Pathum Nishanka could not take his innings far even after scoring a half century. 54 runs off 52 balls Paul van McKernan fell victim to Sajghar. On his departure, Sri Lanka lost 4 wickets for 104 runs.

Before this, the Dutch lost 6 wickets for 91 runs after winning the toss against Sri Lanka. Having lost 6 wickets for 91 runs, the Dutch turned to the pair of Sybrand Engelbrach and Logan van Beek. In the end, Netherlands scored 263 runs after losing all the wickets. Now Sri Lanka is batting with a target of 263 runs to win.

(21 October/NBW)


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