Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Spotify introduces a drastic redesign with a TikTok-inspired aesthetic

At his Stream On event, Spotify has made official the redesign of the main screen of its apps for iOS and Android. This is not surprising news, considering that rumors about it had leaked a few days ago. The interesting thing is that now we can take the first look at the new looks of the streaming platform, which now has an air clearly inspired by TikTok.

Spotify’s new design not only places a strong emphasis on a feed with vertical navigationas in the popular video application, but also in the content with images. From now on, every time we enter the platform we will find a somewhat strange mix of new elements and others already known.

At the top of the home screen we will continue to see the shortcuts to our recent artists, podcasts, songs or albums. However, going down we will find an interface with “cards” that integrates large images of discs and playlists, or video players with fragments of video clips or video podcasts.

The intention is that easier to find interesting or engaging content, and that it is possible to preview it. “We found that the next generation of listeners crave better ways to test audio before fully diving in,” Spotify said.

Spotify launches new design in its mobile apps


Beyond the change on the home screen, access to three different sections will continue to appear at the top: music, podcasts and shows, and audiobooks. Each of them will have its own feed of vertical navigation, where the interaction will add components clearly extracted from the most popular social networks of the moment.

when doing scrolling by the new Spotify, it will be impossible not to feel that the experience has been extracted from TikTok or Instagram Reels. This won’t necessarily be a bad thing, but it will depend on how quickly the public adapts to the new look. What is clear is that the redesign aims to seduce younger users to spend more time within the app.

“Today’s world is pulling us in a million different directions. So the most important thing that we at Spotify can do for creators is reduce the distance between their art and the people who love it, or who would love it as soon as they discovered it.” Gustav Soderstromhead of technology and product at Spotify.

Beyond the redesign with the air of Spotify, the company highlighted the implementation of artificial intelligence in new features. The most outstanding, its DJ capable of creating playlists based on the musical taste of each user. Although they also highlighted the inclusion of personalized recommendations that are generated intelligently, and the automatic reproduction of podcasts.

Spotify’s redesign It will be released gradually until it reaches all users of its mobile apps.. So it may take several weeks for you to see the update displayed on your smartphone.

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