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SPORT recognizes the social commitment of twelve athletes, clubs and entities at the VI Sports Values ​​Gala

If sport has something beautiful, it is the amount of values ​​that can be acquired and transmitted with it. Effort, capacity for suffering, discipline, solidarity, capacity for improvement…Unique life lessons that are reflected in the daily practice of sports that, as usual, SPORT Diary wanted to reward with the celebration of the VI edition of the Sports Values ​​Gala.

From 7:15 p.m. there was a festive, warm and pleasant atmosphere in the Spanish Olympic Committee, in Madrida space that hosted the gala in which the social commitment of twelve athletes, clubs and entities that have proven to be capable of reflecting the best of sport in an admirable way has been highlighted.

The journalist and radio presenter Ainhoa ​​Arbizu was in charge of conducting an awards ceremony that included a very high-level list of winners. Protagonists who perfectly embody the values ​​that SPORT wants to reward annually, and who have received their more than well-deserved awards from sports authorities throughout the country.

The gala was attended by the hosts Alejandro Blanco, president of the COE, the president of the Higher Sports Council, Victor Francosthe general director of sports of the Community of Madrid, Alberto Tomé, Aitor Moll and Ainhoa ​​MollCEO and deputy president of Prensa Ibérica, respectively, and Joan Vehilsdirector of SPORT.

The winners at the gala, with the different personalities who participated in the event. DANI BARBEITO

Neither did the vice president of the Barcelona Football Club, Rafael Yusteand Javier Tebaspresident of the League. Noelia Bonilla, Iñigo de Lorenzo, Elsa Anka, Gemma Mengual, Desirée Vila, Jaime Astrain, Lidia Torrent, María Esteve They were other well-known faces who attended the meeting.

The first prize of the Gala, the Values ​​Award 2023it has been for the Girona coach, Miguel Ángel Sánchez ‘Michel’. The coach of the current leader of LaLiga Santander stands out for being one of the technicians who best transmits his ideas to his players.

Míchel, winner of the Valores 2023 Award, with Aitor Moll, CEO of Prensa Ibérica, and Alfredo Bustillo, director of sponsorships at CaixaBank. DANI BARBEITO

Aitor MollCEO of Prensa Ibérica, and Alfredo Bustillodirector of sponsorships at CaixaBank, were in charge of presenting the award sponsored by the aforementioned entity.

He Projection Values ​​Award has been for the future of Spanish synchronized swimming, Iris Tió, who returned from Japan with three medals, one gold and two bronze.

Iris Tió, 2023 Projection Values ​​Award. DANI BARBEITO

The Olympic athlete, who is only 20 years old, has received it from the hands of a reference in this demanding sport, Gemma Mengualand the general director of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands of Prensa Ibérica, Felix Noguera.

The Revelation Values ​​Award was received by the Catalan climber Geila Macià, who at only 15 years old in 2023 was proclaimed world runner-up and returned from Seoul with two medals. She is the only girl in the entire history of Spanish climbing to achieve a medal in a world-class competition.

Geila Macià, Revelation Values ​​Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

The general commercial director of Prensa Ibérica, Juan Pedro Diazhas been in charge of presenting the award to the present and future of national climbing.

The Values ​​Management Talent Award has been won by the World Padel Tour organization for the effort and ability to carry forward an idea, that of taking paddle tennis to the highest level.

The president of the COE, Alejandro Blancoand the CEO of Prensa Ibérica, Aitor Mollhave been in charge of presenting the award to Demetrio Carceller, representative of the organization that is managing to exploit the practice and monitoring of paddle tennis to the maximum.

Demetrio Carceller Arce, Values ​​Management Talent Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

The Resilience Values ​​Award has been presented to the double world champion in Paralympic swimming, Anastasiya Dmytriv. At the age of 13 she was proclaimed absolute world champion and now, at 14, she is the world record holder. She is one of the great hopes for the future in the pool. A clear example that if you want, with effort and sacrifice you can.

Anastasiya Dmytriv, Resilience Values ​​Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

Luis Leardycommunications director of the Spanish Paralympic Committee and Iulene Serventdeputy director of Diario SPORT, have presented the award.

The Solidarity Values ​​Award has gone to the Leipzig footballer and international with Spain, Dani Olmo. The Terrassa attacker plays his best games off the pitch, dedicating a large part of his free time and his income to solidarity initiatives of all kinds.

Dani Olmo, Solidarity Values ​​Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

Sergi Guillot, general director of Prensa Ibérica, and Alberto Tomégeneral director of sports of the Community of Madrid, have presented the award to the Catalan player.

The Formation Values ​​Award was won by La Masia, the Barcelona Football Club youth team., recognized worldwide for the great work they do with future great soccer stars, both in sports and personally. They transmit the values ​​that all young people need: enthusiasm, humility, teamwork, sacrifice…

Rafa Yuste collects the 2023 Training Values ​​Award from La Masia. DANI BARBEITO

For all these reasons, this institution has been worthy of the award that Javier Penahead of public affairs at Danone, and Joan Vehilsdirector of SPORT, have been delivered to the vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Rafael Yuste.

The Leyenda Values ​​Award, sponsored by LaLiga, has been received by the reference in weightlifting Lydia Valentin at the hands of Carlos del Campo, deputy director of LaLiga. The athlete from Ponferrada is, without a doubt, one of the country’s sporting icons.

Lydia Valentín, Legend Values ​​Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

He has an enviable track record, very difficult to match, but his best achievement has been inspiring many young women and placing weightlifting in the forefront of media attention.

The Values ​​Improvement Award has gone to the Kite Surf athlete Gisela Pulido. At a very young age, she demonstrated that she is fully capable of accepting challenges. The last of them, reinvent yourself, change categories, and start winning medals and qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Gisela Pulido, Valores Superación Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

Alex Bescosmarketing director of SPORT and Rafael Fernandezglobal marketing director of Telefónica, were in charge of presenting the award.

The Values ​​Award for Journalism has been won by two great professionals: Paloma del Río and Christian Garcíto. Paloma has been with us for more than 35 years narrating Gymnastics and Figure Skating, doing great work to disseminate and value the priceless spectator.

Paloma del Río and Christian García, Valores Award for journalism 2023. DANI BARBEITO

Christian, for his part, has spent 36 years dedicated to journalism, which came to an end due to a visual disability. Now, he gives lectures for non-profit associations. Joan Vehilsdirector of SPORT, and Maria Gomezcommunications director of Aena, were in charge of presenting the award.

The Team Values ​​Award has gone to the Spanish Rhythmic Gymnastics Teamfor their relentless progression, which has led them to be among the best, achieving a bronze in the complete set competition, and a floor in the five-ring final of the Rhythmic Gymnastics world championship.

The selector Alejandra Queredaalong with the gymnasts Inés Bergua, Ana Arnau and Salma Solaunhave collected the prize given by Pablo Ramosmarketing director at Toyota, which sponsors the award.

Spanish rhythmic gymnastics team, 2023 Team Values ​​Award. DANI BARBEITO

The Extraordinary Values ​​Award was received by marching athletes María Pérez and Álvaro Martín, who have an extraordinary career and track record. Both European champions and with different records that place them among the best in the world.

María Pérez and Alvaro Martín, Extraordinary Values ​​Award 2023. DANI BARBEITO

In addition, both achieved a feat never achieved by any country at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. They were proclaimed world champions of the 20 and 35 km walk. Alejandro Blancopresident of the Spanish Olympic Committee and Ainhoa ​​Molleditorial director of Prensa Ibérica, were in charge of presenting the award sponsored by Iberdrola.

All the winners

Values ​​Award 2023: Miguel Ángel Sánchez ‘Michel’

Projection Values ​​Award: Iris Tió

Revelation Values ​​Award: Geila Macià

Values ​​Management Talent Award: World Padel Tour

Resilience Values ​​Award: Anastasiya Dimytriv

Solidarity Values ​​Award: Dani Olmo

Training Values ​​Award: The Masia

Legend Values ​​Award: Lydia Valentin

Values ​​Improvement Award: Gisela Pulido

Values ​​Award for Journalism: Paloma del Río and Christian García

Team Values ​​Award: Spanish Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

Extraordinary Values ​​Award: María Pérez and Álvaro Martín


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