Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Spider-Man 2’ is already the most successful PlayStation Studios launch in history

The arrival of Spider-Man 2 has not disappointed. Insomniac Games’ new game for the PS5 has had a brutal premiere, becoming the most successful PlayStation Studios launch in history.

As published by Sony on X (Twitter), Spider-Man 2 sold more than 2.5 million copies in its first 24 hours available. This figure corresponds to both the units sold through stores and retail sales channels, as well as the digital versions downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

This has allowed Spider-Man 2 becomes the AAA title with the best commercial performance during its debut day in the history of PlayStation consoles. Without a doubt, a more than flattering merit that adds to the excellent reviews it has garnered from both the public and the press. A combination that surely places it with very good possibilities of competing for the best game of the year.

The curious fact is that Sony does not always use the same temporal yardstick to measure the reception of PlayStation Studios games. Until the arrival of Spider-Man 2the award for the most successful launch of a title first-party belonged to God of War Ragnarök. The Santa Monica Studio game, which arrived in 2022 on the PS4 and PS5, sold 5.1 million copies in its first week. However, it was never reported how many of them there were during the initial 24 hours.

Beyond that, everything indicates that the spectacular commercial start of Spider-Man 2 surely surpasses that of its predecessor. In 2018, Spider-Man It sold 3.3 million units in its first three days of release, so it’s likely that the sequel will quickly overtake it—if that hasn’t already happened at the time of this writing—given its excellent ratings.

Spider-Man 2 enjoys a great launch, but goes for more

Despite the excellent reviews, the expectations surrounding Spider-Man 2 They are not limited to the commercial success you can achieve on your own. Sony would rely on Insomniac Games to boost PS5 sales and meet its ambitious goals for the current fiscal year.

The Japanese aim to sell 25 million units of the console in the aforementioned period. A brutal figure and whose achievement depends largely on the third installment in the arachnid saga. Let us keep in mind that, unlike Spider-Man (2018) and Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020), Spider-Man 2 not available on PS4. Therefore, they hope that its great acceptance among players and the specialized press will encourage those who have not yet made the leap to their most recent platform.

Let’s not forget that PlayStation has launched a limited edition of the PS5 that not only includes a copy of Spider-Man 2, but also a special design for both the console and the DualSense controller. It, which was announced in July during the San Diego Comic-Con, is available in Europe for 659.99 euros.

Likewise, there is a second bundle of the PS5, but with the conventional white design, which also includes a copy of Spider-Man 2. This is available for 619.99 euros. For now, Sony has not released special packages for the digital model of the console—nor for the new Slim variant—that include this game. Although it would not be strange for this to happen before the end of the year holidays.

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