Saturday, January 28, 2023

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop met with the members of the Austria-Turkey Friendship Group

Mustafa Şentop, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, who came to Austria upon the invitation of the Speaker of the Parliament, Sobotka, met with the members of the Austria-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group under the chairmanship of Nurten Yılmaz of Turkish origin. Şentop said, “Hoping that we have left behind a tumultuous period in the past, we hope to look ahead with a positive agenda and improve our relations.”

Parliament Speaker Şentop pointed out the role Turkey has assumed in the critical period due to the Ukraine war and said, “We see that many countries have difficulty in making rational decisions, and that they have difficulty in assessing the effects of what is going on today and in the future. We are making efforts to end the humanitarian crisis as soon as possible. From the beginning, Turkey “Our first goal is to put out this fire,” he said. Parliament Speaker Şentop emphasized that more careful steps should be taken regarding the grain and energy crisis, which affects primarily Europe and then the whole world.

Pointing out that one of the most important elements of the relations between Turkey and Austria is the Turkish community, which has about 300 thousand people living in Austria, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop also noted that some basic problems of the Turkish society have not been resolved yet. Şentop stated that discrimination, xenophobia, racism and anti-Muslim sentiment negatively affect citizens of Turkish origin in Austria and they are concerned about this. Şentop said, “The increasing xenophobic attacks and actions against our citizens, workplaces, Turkish mosques or associations worry us. The Austrian Turkish society should feel the assurance of the Austrian state behind them in the face of discrimination, racist and anti-Islamic attacks.” He also talked about a Monument Project planned at the Vienna Central Cemetery for the Turkish soldiers who were martyred on the Galician front in the First World War. “It is extremely important for us to preserve the cherished memories of our soldiers who were buried in the 91st Section of the Cemetery. More than 100 years have passed since the end of the Great War. We think we should honor their precious memories.” Şentop, on his speeches about the operation he carried out in Turkey, said:

“We expect a principled stance from all our friends. They are thousands of kilometers away in Syria, but the US has military elements. What is the US doing in Syria? It says, ‘They are harming the US. I will destroy them where they are.’ at the bottom of its border. Syria has no means of protecting the other side of its border. Turkey does not have to wait for terrorist groups to come and take action in Turkey. I have not heard it said. Turkey has the right to protect itself against terrorism. I have read a lot of studies that many countries harm civilians in operations. It is possible to follow them in the media. It happened in Iraq. We didn’t get the necessary reaction from European politicians. The Turkish Armed Forces is the world’s most sensitive army when it comes to civilians. Even by mistake, no harm was done to civilians. It doesn’t bother us that concerns about civilians are expressed in principle. However, Turkey is committed to the training and training of terrorist organization members there. “We expect the support of our friends in this rightful issue. Our conscience is good. Our target is the terrorist groups there.”

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