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Spaniard Daniel Holgado achieves his first pole position of the season

The Spanish Daniel Holgado (KTM) achieved his first pole position of the season and the second of his sporting career (Austria 2022), being the fastest in the official classification for the Qatar Grand Prix Moto3, which takes place on Sunday at the Lusail circuit.

On the first starting line, next to Holgado, Brazilian Diogo Moreira will be there (KTM) and the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM).

The world leader, the Spanish Jaume Masia (Honda), very ‘pissed off’ at the end of the classification, had to settle for tenth positionfar from their usual training positions, while his most direct rival for the title, the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna), achieved the fourth best time and will start from the second row, ahead of his teammate, the Dutch Collin Veijer (Husqvarna) and the Italian Romano Fenati (Honda).

The Italians Filippo Farioli (KTM) and Matteo Bertelle (Honda), the Spanish Adrián Fernández (Honda) and the Japanese Taiyo Furusato (Honda), were the fastest in the first classification, in which David Muñoz (KTM) also had options, but ended up being left out of the race. the second classification and forced to start from a delayed twenty-second place in the starting formation.

So much David Muñoz and Matteo Bertelle were harmed by a large group of drivers who found themselves in the middle of the track waiting to catch his slipstream, and while the Spaniard finished out of the second classification, the Italian achieved the objective ‘by the skin of his teeth’, leaving out pilots, in addition to the Japanese Kaito Toba (Honda) and Ryusei Yamanaka (Gas Gas), like the Spanish David Salvador (KTM).

The second classification was going to be decisive for the aspirations of the two main candidates for the title, the Spanish Jaume Masiá (Honda) and the Japanese Ayumu Sasaki (Husqvarna), since many of their options were going to depend on their position in the starting lineup. to finish the race in the leading positions.

Jaume Masiá, as always, He left quickly to try to ride alonebut just behind his teammate, Adrián Fernández, who was undoubtedly going to work to achieve a good result for both of them.

‘Hot’ after passing from the first classification, it was the Italian Bertelle the first to mark the references in the second classificationahead of Iván Ortola (KTM), Jaume Masiá and Ayumu Sasaki, a trio that was soon surpassed by the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM), the fastest overall in the free runs.

Öncü climbed to second place behind Bertelle in the third lap and one later climbed to first position, with 2:04.894, while the Colombian of Spanish origin, David Alonso (Gas Gas) His motorcycle stopped when entering the street of workshops and having to stop to check the temperature of his tires, and Jaume Masiá entered his workshop to change tires and attempt his second ‘time attack’.

In the final seconds it was Daniel Holgado (KTM) who took the lead, followed by the Brazilian Diogo Moreira (KTM), both ahead of the Turkish Deniz Öncü and with the Japanese Sasaki fourth, who thus won the game over the leader of the championship, Jaume Masiá, who could not go beyond tenth position.

Masiá will have to start from the fourth line of the starting formationwhile his rival for the title will do so from the second, which forces the Spaniard not to fail at that moment so as not to be cut from the leading group at the first opportunity.

Vicente Pérez (KTM) finished in twelfth position, behind Filippo Farioli, sanctioned with starting last in addition to having to complete a ‘long lap’, and ahead of David Alonso, Adrián Fernández and Xavier Artigas (CFMoto).


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