Saturday, December 9, 2023

Spain will fight against 25,000 Vikings and intense cold

The Spanish selection you will encounter a very adverse atmosphere in this Sunday’s game against Norway. The local fans are dedicated to their team, despite the limited chances of qualifying, and if that were not enough, the cold will be another enemy to fight.

Tickets for the meeting went on sale in August and The 25,000 destined for the Norwegian public were quickly sold out. The Spanish Federation received a quota of 700 seats for its fans. A reduced number due to the low capacity of the Ullevaal Stadion.

Despite the adversities, The Marea Roja supporters group has traveled to Oslo with about 30 fans, to which must be added those who have traveled on their own and the Spaniards who reside in Scandinavian lands.

The Viking fans really want to see this match with its two great stars, Haaland and Odegaard, trying to overcome one of the best teams on the continent. At the moment, Spain occupies second place in the ranking of the UEFA, second only to England.

three degrees

Another adverse factor will be the weather. After a Saturday of truce, Sunday dawned again with intense cold and gusts of wind.

At the time of the meeting they are expected about three degrees of temperature and the thermal sensation will be very low. Norway is much more used to playing in these conditions than Spain.

It is worth remembering that the team moved from Seville, where the temperature was around 30 degrees, so the change is abysmal and there is no choice but to get used to it quickly.

Yes indeed, The field is in perfect condition, the ice has not arrived yet, and the team will be able to practice its touch football without problems. Spain will wear light bluetheir second kit, because it does not coincide with the red of Norway.


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