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Spain suffers a painless defeat

The Spanish handball team He suffered his first defeat in the World Cup in Poland and Sweden, after losing this Sunday 26-28 against Francein a match in which both teams with the ticket already secured for the quarterfinals seemed to think more at all times about future commitments.

Beginning with the one that the Spanish team will play next Wednesday in Gdansk, where the “Hispanics” will be measured with the winner of the winner of the duel that will face Germany and Norway on Mondayafter finishing as second in the group after the French team.

A first place that at any other time would guarantee, a priori, a more accessible crossing of the quarterfinals, but not on this occasion given the entity of the possible rivals, Germany or Norway, who yes they will be able to “choose” opponent.

Circumstances that made the duel, as the French star Nikola Karabatic rightly described it in “a good friend”which both teams faced with the main objective of “working and gaining confidence” for the quarterfinals.

If the Spanish coach Jordi Ribera did not hesitate to reserve the center-back Agustín Casaso, who did not exercise on Saturday as a precaution due to a blow to the knee, the French coach left Nikola Karabatic out of the squadwho already missed the last meeting with Iran due to a bruised foot.

The one who did play and from the beginning was the winger Dika Mem, who proved to be perfectly recovered from the discomfort in the abdominal area that had kept him out of the team since the opening day against Poland.

In fact, the Barça player scored almost half of the five goals that France scored halfway through the first half.

But if Dika Mem has an extraordinary left arm, the Spanish winger Imanol Garciandia, who signed three of the first four goals for the “Hispanos”, is not far behind.

Goals that together with the saves by Rodrigo Corrales, who already had five interventions just after eight minutes of play, allowed Spain to take the lead (4-3) on the scoreboard.

rent that completely vanished with the move to attack with seven outfield players proposed by Jordi Ribera and that it could not have worse consequences for the Spanish team, which chained one loss after another that allowed France to escape (6-9) on the scoreboard.

A result that forced the Spanish coach to rectify, who at the time he returned to bet on numerical equality in attack saw how the “Hispanics” They tied the contest again (9-9) with eight minutes to go before the break.

Time in which neither the Spanish nor the French managed to break away on the scoreboard (13-13) from a “white glove” match, as witnessed by the only exclusion with which the first half ended, the Spanish Miguel Sánchez-Migallón for crashing the final counterattack in the goalkeeper’s face.

But winning against France always has a special flavoror at least, that seemed to think the Spanish team, which started the second half with one more point of intensity.

As confirmed by the three goal advantage (20-17) with which the “Hispanos” reached eleven minutes into the second period and that they put to the test if France was really willing to spend more forces than necessary to seek victory.

An effort that the Olympic champions did seem willing to make and at the hands of a great Nedim Remili, who does not stop growing year after year, they managed to equalize the game again (22-22) with less than fifteen minutes to go.

A tie that was definitively broken in favor of the French team with the exclusion of Jorge Maqueda, who for the second time in the game he was sanctioned with two minutes for making a wrong substitutionand that allowed Guillaume Gille’s team to reach a three-goal lead (24-27) with five minutes remaining in the duel.

Data sheet:

26 – Spain: pens; Solé (1), Garciandia (3), Sánchez-Migallón (1), Gideón Guardiola (1), Cañellas (3) and Dani Fernández (7.3p) -initial team- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Maqueda (2) , Ángel Fernández (-), Alex Dujshebaev (2), Figueras (-), Serdio (4), Valera (), Dani Dujshebaev (1) and Odriozola (1)

28 – France: Gerard; Lenne (-), Mem (4), Remili (4), Briet (4), Grebille (3) and Fabregas (2) -initial team- Desbonnet (ps), Lagarde (-), Prandi (3), Richardson ( -), Tournat (3), Mahé (4, 3p), Luka Karabatic (-), Porte (1) and Nahi (-)

Scoreboard every five minutes: 3-2, 4-4, 6-5, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-13 (Rest) 17-15, 19-16, 22-20, 24-24, 24-27 and 26-28 ( Final)

Referees: Nachevski and Nikolov (MKD). They excluded for two minutes Sánchez-Migallón (2), Maqueda (2) and Cañellas for Spain; and Luka Karabatic (2) and Briet for France.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the third and final day of group I of the second phase of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden played at the Tauron Arena in Krakow (Poland) before some 7,000 spectators.


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