Sunday, May 28, 2023

Spain beats Poland and approaches the quarterfinals

The quarterfinals, the first objective of the Spanish team in the World Cup in Sweden and Polandare closer after the clear victory against the hostess Poland (27-23) in the first match of the ‘main round’ played at the Tauron Arena from Krakow. The ‘Hispanics’ remain undefeated after four games, tied for the first group position with France, and this Friday, against Slovenia, they will try to take a decisive step to reach the crosses of the tournament. The performance of Perez de Vargasin the second half, and the good collective work were the keys to another hopeful victory.

The result of the first half did not do justice to the team Jordi Ribera. The team went to rest with a minimal advantage (16-15), despite the fact that the sensations left by the ‘Hispanics’ They were good and, at times, the score reflected differences of up to four goals (15-11, m. 25) taking advantage of the problems in the defensive transitions of the Polish team.

But all the solvency that reflected Spain in attack, despite the defensive toughness of the hosts, with a clear leadership of Alex Djushebaev (five goals in the first 30 minutes), he lacked behind. Poland found very comfortable launches and generated good actions for the wingers, with Sicko and Czuwara very effective, which showed a certain softness on the part of the Spanish defense.

gonzalez key

It was also difficult for the Spanish team to start at the restart, which went more than five minutes without scoring against the impenetrable defense of Polandin which he imposed the presence of the brothers Gebala. Two factors, however, emerged as determinants for the selection. First, the input Perez de Vargas for corrals gave more consistency to the goal. the goalkeeper of barca chained several lucky actions to make a difference. Then the ability to Adrian Figueras to find the spaces in the defense, allowed to reactivate the success of the Spanish team, which again opened a notable gap (24-20) with which to face the last six minutes.

defense of Spain also raised the bar and limited counterattacks and actions at the end of Poland, that already faced the last minutes with the pressure of the marker, while the team of riverbankGrowing in confidence, he knew how to play with the clock in his favour, and seal a fundamental victory.


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