Monday, December 11, 2023

Sony works on a Flip-type folding mobile with a big difference compared to OPPO and Samsung models

sony seeks to regain ground in the cell phone market launching a next-generation foldable mobile. Proposal Will resemble Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4thus distancing itself from models such as the Pixel Fold or the Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, the Japanese company has an innovative strategy to stand out from the competition.

According to information from Sumahodigest, a Japanese outlet cited by The Free AndroidSony’s foldable mobile will follow the same design as the Galaxy Z Flip 4, but with a key difference: will not have an external screen.

Sony’s intention is to revive the acclaimed Xperia Compact series, known for offering small size smartphones. In this way, the company intends to launch a compact folding mobile that completely dispenses with the external screen, which will allow it to reduce its dimensions and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Xperia Fold, possible name

curiouslyIt is rumored that Sony could use the name “Xperia Fold” for its folding device, which could lead to some confusion by colliding directly with Samsung’s Z Fold series. We will have to wait to confirm if Sony finally opts for this name or chooses another term that quickly identifies its clamshell model.

Sony foldable assumption

Few details are available on Sony’s offering at this time, but if you manage to combine compactness with a foldable design that eliminates the need for an external display, you’ll be offering something different in the foldable market, where it’s common to find this feature in the models of other brands.

It will be interesting to see if Sony manages to revive its smartphone segment by offering this unique proposition and competing against other manufacturers that have maintained a consistent presence in the market.

It is curious that it is dabbling in this field, considering that its photographic sensors are widely used by most brands, and even Xiaomi collaborated with Sony to improve the photographic quality in the Xiaomi 13 Ultra by using the one-inch IMX989 sensor. .


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