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‘Son was in ICU for 3 months, was allowed to meet once a week’, Diya Mirza’s pain spilled

Diya Mirza will soon be seen in Anubhav Sinha’s film ‘Bheed’. Diya’s role is very important in this film based on lockdown. Diya is in the role of a mother in the film. After becoming a mother, how much she is able to relate herself with this character. Along with this, Diya is sharing with us the experience of becoming a mother during the lockdown.

What did Diya say about her role in Rush?

On joining the crowd, Diya says, how can I refuse Anubhav Sinha. I have worked with Anubhav Sinha in Cash and Thappad. For the crowd, he called me and just said that there is something for you in this film, which is completely different from your image. Don’t know whether you will do it or not, first read the script and then tell. After reading the script, I agreed without any second thought. I am happy that he has given me an opportunity to be a part of his film. When the audience will also watch this film, they will realize that there is no conventional lamp in it at all. After doing this character, it was understood that no one is perfect here. There is definitely some or the other deficiency in everyone.

After becoming a mother, how much she is able to relate herself with the character of this mother. In response to this, Diya says, I have always had a maternal emotion. I had not become a mother for a long time, but even during the shooting, there would not have been any lack of emotion in me. I had also got emotionally connected with that girl. Yes, it is true that there is a difference after becoming a mother in real life. I remember when my son was 6 months old, I left him at home and went out for shooting. So my heart knows how much courage I mustered. Life has changed, my child is the pivot of my life.

How was the lockdown?

When we asked Diya, who was a part of this film based on the lockdown, how was the lockdown for her. In response to this, Diya says about her insecurity- During the first phase, I realized that I am very lucky that I was living comfortably under one roof with my mother. During this time I also met my husband. We got married during the first lockdown itself. At that time everything was going well. Then during the next lockdown, I became a mother. From there the problems started.

I needed an MRI during my pregnancy and the hospital where I was admitted did not have the facility. Actually, due to Kovid, the environment was such that we had to survive in limited facilities only. Which later became a complication and I had to deliver my child within 6 months. I was feeling powerless at that time. If there was an MRI machine in that hospital, I would probably have given birth to a normal delivery. When the son was born, he was kept in the ICU for three months. I was allowed to meet him only once a week. During the second phase everyone around me was just surviving. Everyone had their own problems, how many had lost their loved ones. Everyone had their own sorrows.


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