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Sold toothpaste on the streets, used to steal with boys, it was not easy for Bigg Boss contestant Sajid Khan to become a top director

Contestant Sajid Khan of Bigg Boss 16 is celebrating his 52nd birthday on 23 November. Sajid Khan, surrounded by controversies, has returned to the screen after a long time. Despite all the opposition, he is not only being seen in Bigg Boss, but is also being liked. In today’s time, Sajid Khan is a big name of the film industry. Seeing him, everyone calls him senior and says that he is rich. But it was not always like this.

Sajid Khan and his elder sister Farah Khan have faced many difficult days. He himself has also talked about it. Even in Bigg Boss 16’s house, sometimes Sajid is seen getting emotional remembering his childhood and youth days. He had told some time ago that at the age of 14, he used to sell toothpaste on the streets. Apart from this, Sajid has told earlier that he used to steal in his childhood. The director’s sister Farah Khan has already told that she and her family used to see the actions of Sajid Khan that he would grow up and go to jail.

A father’s film changed his life

Sajid Khan was born to well-known Bollywood director Kamran Khan and his wife Maneka Irani. At one time Kamran and his family used to be very rich. Being a famous director of Bollywood, there used to be many parties at his house and many celebs used to come to his house. But then he made a film named ‘Aisa Bhi Hota Hai’, in which Kamran had invested all his life’s earnings. It was Friday morning, the film started and flopped badly. It was from here that the dark days of his family began.

Sajid was born in poverty

Farah Khan was 5 years old at that time. He saw the gramophone of his house and his mother’s jewelery being sold. His one 500 square feet house was saved with him only because it was in his mother’s name and his father could not sell it. In an interview given before the release of his film ‘Himmatwala’, Sajid Khan recalled his childhood. Sajid had said that his family had become poor by the time he was born. He only remembers living in poverty.

Sajid says, ‘I was six years old when my parents got divorced. Farah and I used to keep coming and going to our parents’ house. Used to spend two days with father and 5 days with mother. I had no idea what it was like to go out with family and have breakfast together. I used to get jealous seeing my friends with their families.

Started stealing at the age of 10

He further told, ‘My father had four flats in Shivaji Nazar. That area was not very rich and in the end he had only one house built in 500 square feet area. But the school I used to go to, Manekji Cooper, was a school for the rich kids. So I always felt that I am not fit to be here. When I used to go home, I used to feel that I am not fit to live here. So my mind was getting spoiled and the only way for me to escape from it was crime.

Sajid says- ‘At the age of 10, I was moving towards child crime. I had joined the gang of my chawl boys. They used to steal all the car stereo systems, cycles and other things. Used to lie to watch movies. Once there was an exhibition of comic books in our school and I loved comics with superheroes. So, along with two of my friends, I broke the lock of that room and entered inside at 7 pm with a torch. I stole books from there, put them in plastic foil, and hid them in a water tank so that I would not be caught.

Held his senses at the age of 14

Sajid had also told that he had stolen Nike shoes and Nikon camera from his cousin Farhan Akhtar’s house. After being caught, he confessed his crime. After this, his family members also took him to the Santa Cruz police station in Mumbai. He felt that this was the only way to reform Sajid.

Sajid Khan’s relationship with films has also been deep. When he felt lonely, only films used to support him. Sajid had told that his mother used to work and his father was an alcoholic. If he did not get attention at home, he used to go to the theater to watch the film. Sajid was 14 when his father died of liver failure. After this, he started making responsible and working hard. Later on, he became one of the top directors of Bollywood. Now he is seen in Bigg Boss 16.

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