Friday, December 9, 2022

Smriti Irani made pickle, shared the recipe, said – the fruit of patience… sour!

Television actress Smriti Irani may be more active in politics now. But even now there is no decrease in his fan following. Smriti Irani still remains connected to the fans through her social media handles. From her opinion to her photos and many tips are also shared on the internet. Nowadays Smriti is making pickles. Not only making this, she is also sharing the recipe.

Smriti made mango pickle
It is winter season, in such a situation everyone likes sunshine. At the same time, I also feel like eating something spicy. When it comes to spicy food, how can one forget homemade pickles. Pickle is such a thing, which can be eaten with any food. So your favorite actress Smriti Irani also took out time from her busy schedule and made delicious pickles. Not only this, along with making pickles, Smriti also shared her special recipe with her fans.

Posting a series of story updates, Smriti showed how she first made mango pickle, then also made a mix pickle, in which vegetables like carrot, cabbage, turnip were used. Smriti shared these story posts in a very funny way. Smriti first wrote on a slide – “What are you doing? I am putting pickle. That – really?” After this he shared the complete recipe one by one in the next slides.

Smriti Irani made pickle

interesting memory

After making mango pickle, Smriti explained the recipe of mixed pickle in the next three slides. Smriti spoke in a funny way here too. After making this pickle, Smriti also gave a message. The politician-actress wrote- But elders kept saying, the fruit of patience is sweet… or sour. It depends on which pickle you are choosing.

Smriti Irani made pickle

In the last slide, Smriti also announced the end of the program and wrote – With this, today’s ethics program ends. Thank you. Smriti Irani has made pickles. Seeing this tasty recipe of his, when are you making up your mind.

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