Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Slack debuts a completely revamped interface

The desktop application slackone of the most popular communication platforms in the labor sector, is about to be released a completely revamped interface.

Slack, owned by SalesForce, presented the first images of an interface whose purpose is put an end to the current chaos. Over the past few years, the service has added all sorts of new features, but its UI has barely received any changes. Some users can’t even locate recently introduced features, and it’s not their fault.

So at Slack they are convinced that the new interface will make it easier to access the wide range of functions and, in general terms, to facilitate the management of labor communication.

Noah Weiss, Product Manager at Slack, explained to The Verge the main novelties of the new interface. Firstly, now the desktop application it will be divided into three columns instead of two. The first one is a side menu from which it is possible to access any part of your workspace. From your profile, to direct messages or the search section, among others.

“The focus of Slack’s new design is on dedicated views, which help you focus your attention and keep your work momentum. Designed to give you more control over how you use your time, these views support the different ways from working in Slack. Notifications are embedded more seamlessly, so you can decide when you want to stay focused on work and when you’re ready to collaborate.”

Noah Weiss.

By clicking on any of the menu options, the second column will display its content. For example, if you enter direct messages, the list of all your private conversations will be displayed. The third column, then, is for the chat you want to read. You can appreciate it yourself in the upper capture.

You may be thinking right now that the new Slack interface means more steps to switch between public channels and private chats, but that’s not the case. To resolve the above, the service introduced a new section: Activity. All your conversations and mentions will be concentrated in it, regardless of whether they are public or private. It’s kind of ‌feed either timeline so as not to miss anything. Another option is to access the homewhich offers a very similar experience to the current one.

New Slack interface, activity

Another tab in which they have paid great attention is in “Later”. Slack allows you to save specific messages whose content you might need at a later time. However, in the current UI, the feature is not used much despite how useful it can be. With the new interface, they have given it greater importance in the main menu so that it is easier to locate and, consequently, more people use it.

Finally, the new Slack interface aims to make executing actions faster than ever thanks to the create button (+). By clicking, it will be possible to open a chat / channel, and even start a video call with your contacts.

In Slack they mention that the renewed interface allows everything to be More organized. Despite so many options available, everything will be easier to find. While we can’t test it yet, the screenshots already expose a higher order.

We know that millions of people start and end their workday in Slack, so we’ve taken great care to ensure these improvements make it a more productive and enjoyable place. The new experience helps teams stay better organized, focus on what really matters, and quickly access a growing set of tools in Slack.”

Slack has already launched its new interface in those teams that register as of today. For the rest will arrive in the following months

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