Monday, December 4, 2023

Siri Potter? These are the ‘spells’ of Harry Potter that you can cast with your iPhone

Harry Potter fans with an Apple mobile device can now perform their favorite spells and feel like a real wizard. The best part is, you don’t need to shake your phone or have a special magic wand, you just need to install the Siri program and do a couple of settings, plus know the correct pronunciation of the spells.

This is possible thanks to the Shortcuts application of the iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch since it allows you to carry out actions with the press of a button. In addition, the name that you will give the shortcut in question goes directly to Siri, so, by saying “Hey Siri, shortcut name” the system takes care of everything. It is precisely thanks to this that you will be able to control your device and home with the Harry Potter spells.

Remember that creating a new Shortcut on iPhone is as easy as opening the app, tapping the “+” in the top right, looking for the actions at the bottom, and then tapping them to add them, in order, to the shortcut itself. Then, at the top, you touch the name of the shortcut to choose rename and choose both how to identify it and how to activate it. A simple okay ends the task.

From here we only have to see what spells you would like to use and how to give them a real utility in our devices. There are many ideas, and each person can consider different possibilities, but let’s review some of the possibilities, avoiding the unforgivable curses:

These are some of the shortcuts that you can configure with a spell from the ‘Harry Potter’ saga

  • Lumos Maxima: with a shortcut that uses the action adjust flashlight to Activate and the brightness to the maximum.
  • Nox: with the action of adjust flashlight to Deactivate
  • sound: using the action adjust volume to 100%.
  • quietus: using the action adjust volume at 50%
  • Silence: with action Define concentration mode in Activate and choosing Do not bother.
  • Accio (Name of an app): with action open app and choosing the one that interests us.
  • Alohomora: with the action of control homechoosing the smart lock and requesting it to open.
  • Muffliato: using the action adjust volume at 0%.
  • Sternius: can work with a Shortcut containing Select File and then play sound having selected one of a sneeze.

If we add to these ideas the control of devices in our home and the sensors of the HomePod, the possibilities are even greater. Tools? Well to some extent yes. And being good fans of Harry Potter, surely very easy to remember to carry out some actions quickly and leave more than one surprised.


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