Friday, June 2, 2023

Sinan Ogan statement from AK Party Spokesperson Çelik: We will wait for Monday

AK Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelik answered the questions of Kürşad Oğuz, Serap Belet and Mehmet Akif Ersoy on HaberTürk screens. Çelik also spoke about Sinan Ogan, who received 5.1 percent of the votes in the presidential election and who is wondering who he will support in the second round.


Çelik said, “The meeting between Mr. Sinan Ogan and our President took place among themselves. It is a very ordinary meeting. We will not say anything before they make a statement. Sinan Bey will make a statement on Monday. We look at the votes from ballot box to ballot box. We see that there is a mass that is very close to the flag politics. We see that the mass that voted for Ogan is much closer to the politics of our President, and that it adopts it. We evaluate that there are more distant and opposite approaches to the issues against which the alliance is being thrown. Of course, everyone’s own discretion. We will wait. Political evaluation, negotiation, bargaining are other things, you bargain with those close to you, negotiate with people outside of you. The issue of bargaining is never in line with either the political style of our President, the AK Party or the People’s Alliance. Our President is walking on principles. You already come together when the common space of intimacy is established.” said.


Çelik continued his statements as follows: “I can clearly say this. How a cabinet will be formed is at the discretion of our President. There is no explanation yet. It is necessary to talk about it when there is a statement. We should not be unfair just because one side wanted a political bargain and the other side did not. Ogan is already negotiating. But what I see is that the focus of sensitivity of the audience who voted for Mr. Ogan is very much in line with the politics of our President. Maybe the CHP voters thought that when Muharrem İnce withdraws the votes will come to us. The discretion of the electorate is a multi-factorial thing. You can also convey the people who voted for you through their closeness to the principles. When we look at the ballot box, we look at the ballot box and see who got the vote from where. The political approaches of our citizens who voted for Mr. Ogan are very close to the political style of our esteemed President.”


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