Thursday, June 1, 2023

SID Group and the book on Montesino

Mr. Principal:

It is with great joy and pride that we write to you to deliver a copy of the book Montesino: Ego vox clamantis, a literary jewel that represents the commitment of Grupo SID to honor and protect the cultural legacy of the Dominican Republic.

This valuable work takes us on a journey through the events that preceded the memorable Advent Sermon, as well as the achievements that arose from this clamor for justice, culminating in the adoption of the Universal Proclamation of Human Rights.

Through her sharp prose and her ability to capture the essence of events, its author María Teresa Ruiz de Catrain immerses us in a deep and captivating testimony of these historical moments that have shaped our roots, up to the present, reaffirming the values of tolerance and equity that sustains us as a nation.

Lygia Bonetti,
Executive President SID Group.


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