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Shubman Gill vs Babar Azam: Babar Azam vs Shubman Gill battle broke out, Indian-Pakistani fans clashed

Shubman Gill vs Babar Azam: Indian team’s young opener Shubman Gill is in tremendous form these days. He created panic by scoring a double century in the first ODI of the series against New Zealand. Gill played an inning of 208 runs in the Hyderabad ODI match and won the team by 12 runs.

After this match, Shubman Gill came into trend on social media. But in the meanwhile a new case was also seen. Fans started comparing Shubman Gill and Babar Azam this time. Some fans called Gill better, while some supported Babar. A third party was sitting taking its own stand.

Users commented like this

By the way, ever since Babar Azam came into limelight, he has been compared with former Indian captain Virat Kohli. But this time bringing Babar in limelight with Gill has been a new kind of affair. One user wrote, ‘For all the fans of Babar, should we compare Babar with Shubman? If the answer is no, then you should not even compare him with Virat.

One user even shared Babar Azam and Shubman Gill’s ODI record in the home series against New Zealand. He told that Babar scored 149 runs in three ODIs against New Zealand at his home. While Gill scored 208 runs in a single match.

Pakistani user tried to troll

At the same time, another user wrote, ‘The work that Babar Azam could not do (double century) in his 8-year career, Shubman Gill did it in three years of his career.’ Apart from this, a Pakistani user tried to troll Gill himself. Praising Bracewell’s century, he wrote, ‘Some centuries are better, not a double century. Very nice Bracewell.


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