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Shubman Gill Ishan Kishan: Ishan Kishan harasses Shubman Gill every day while sleeping, the matter reaches to abusing

Shubman Gill Ishan Kishan: The Indian team started with a win in the three-match ODI series against New Zealand. The first match played in Hyderabad was very exciting, in which Team India won by 12 runs. In the match, opener Shubman Gill played a brilliant double century innings of 208 runs.

Rohit Sharma and Ishaan Kishan interviewed Shubman Gill after the match. Meanwhile, it was learned that Ishaan told that Gill sleeps in his own room. Meanwhile, Gill also revealed that he and Ishaan fight everyday. The matter reaches to the streets.

Shubman Gill gave this answer on Ishaan’s question

But during this time Rohit was being asked all the questions, so he joked that what is he (Ishaan) doing here? Everyone starts laughing at this. Then Ishaan asks what is Gill’s routine before the match? What does Shubman Gill do the day before a match?

On this Rohit said that both live together, don’t you know? Then laughing Ishaan says that I know, but people should know. After this, Shubman Gill replies, ‘My pre-match routine spoils this guy, because it does not let me sleep. Doesn’t wear airpods and watches movie in full voice. I abuse him and ask him to reduce his voice or wear airpods. So he says that you are sleeping in my room. Will do as I wish. This is a pre-match and there is a fight every day.

Why didn’t Ishaan play three matches after his double century?

After this Ishaan says, ‘I think you slept in my room, so today you have scored my runs too.’ After this Rohit Sharma told Ishaan Kishan that you didn’t play three matches after scoring a double century? On this, Ishaan says that brother, you were the captain. Saying this, all three start laughing loudly.

Ishaan says that there is a lesson to be learned from everything. Rohit said that it is good to bat at number-4? In response to this, Ishaan says that it feels very good.

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