Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Shocking words from İmamoğlu to Minister Soylu, who told CHP supporters ‘You are side by side with the PKK’: These are charlatans

While Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu was conducting election campaigns in Istanbul’s Gazi District, tensions rose between him and the party members at the CHP stand. A crowd protested Minister Soylu, who was passing through the neighborhood with the election bus, with the slogans “Right, law, justice”. When Soylu called out to the crowd, “How is this the CHP, how did you get involved with the PKK. Have a nice day”, things got mixed up. The group started booing Soylu. After what happened, 7 people were detained.


Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, spoke about the debate between Minister Soylu and CHP supporters. İmamoğlu charged Soylu with harsh words.

Imamoglu said the following about the incident:

“A minister who is working as a parliamentarian is currently in one of our districts… A minister himself announces from the microphone, ‘You are side by side with the PKK, shoulder to shoulder’ to those who are protesting him today, saying ‘Right, law, justice’ and opposing him. After that, he does ‘ohhh ohhh’.


These are charlatans. I swear these are charlatans. These are bad people. May Allah protect this nation from their immorality. May he protect this nation from their behavior disorders. Really bless. Do not address them with your children or your children. They should not listen to them. They put people on the wrong path. They turn our people against each other.


Do you know what they want? The person who lives in that house should not talk to the person in that house. If it is another party, if it is another party, do not greet each other. This apartment should not overlook that apartment. You know what I worry about the most? We enter the market. We greet everyone. Some people have their heads bent forward. It’s like an enemy has arrived. Do you know why like that? That’s it, listening to them, their hearts are covered with ice.”


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