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Shocking! Rakhi Sawant was pregnant, but miscarried, the actress was in pain, said – people did not believe

Rakhi Sawant Miscarriage: Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant may make the world laugh with her funny style, but she herself is in a lot of pain. Rakhi’s difficulties are not taking the name of reducing. Troubles are coming one after the other in his life. After the ruckus on the marriage, now shocking news has come about Rakhi’s pregnancy, which has broken the heart of the actress.

Rakhi Sawant was pregnant

According to the new reports, Rakhi Sawant has had a miscarriage and she is going through this pain. Yes, you heard it right. According to the post of paparazzi viral bhayani, Rakhi has confessed about her pregnancy while talking to him on the call. But even before they could celebrate the arrival of the baby, their happiness turned to sorrow.

Information about Rakhi’s miscarriage has been given in the post. According to the post, Rakhi told him on the phone – Yes brother, I was pregnant. I even announced my pregnancy in Bigg Boss Marathi, but people thought I was joking. That’s why no one took this thing seriously. Rakhi has also confirmed with this that she has had a miscarriage.

Adil cheated on Rakhi?
Rakhi Sawant married Adil Khan Durrani 7 months back. But he kept the talk of his marriage hidden from the media. Rakhi said that Adil had asked her to keep the matter of marriage a secret. But when Rakhi felt that Adil was cheating on her, she again listened to her heart and shared the wedding pictures and told the world about it.

Fearing Salman, Adil accepts marriage

But the twist came that Adil refused to accept his marriage with Rakhi. This act of Adil broke Rakhi’s heart again. She cried a lot in front of the media. Salman Khan could not bear seeing Rakhi crying. Dabangg Khan, playing the duty of a brother, called Adil and said, “If you have married, then accept it, otherwise don’t say it. But face the truth.” On Salman’s advice, Adil finally accepted his marriage with the actress. Adil’s return brought happiness in Rakhi’s life, but there is also the pain of losing a child in her heart.

On the other hand, Rakhi is also worried about her mother. Rakhi’s mother had cancer earlier and now she is suffering from a serious disease like brain tumor. Rakhi’s mother is undergoing treatment. On one side the mother’s illness and on the other the sorrow of losing marriage and child. We will pray that Rakhi’s problems end.

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