Saturday, January 28, 2023

Shehnaaz Gill Trolled: Attitude came in Shehnaaz Gill as soon as she became a star? Taunted paparazzi, trolled on rude behavior

It seems everyone’s favorite Shahnaz Kaur Gill is angry. Hey hey… so much eagerness is not right. First know the whole thing. Shahnaz seems angry with the paparazzi and not with her fans. A video of her has surfaced in which Shahnaz was seen uprooted from the media. Many people did not like this attitude of Shahnaz, so the actress is being trolled.

Shahnaz got angry on paparazzi
It so happened that Shahnaz Gill and rapper MC Square had come to promote their new song Ghani Syaani in the reality show Bigg Boss 16. Paparazzi surrounded Shahnaz and MC Square outside the set. Shahnaz did not look very happy seeing the paparazzi. Shahnaz first gave a weird reaction on seeing the paparazzi. Then gave a few photos with MC Square. It seemed that Shahnaz was giving poses to the paparazzi by force and by beating her heart. After the pictures were clicked, Shahnaz said that promote our song too. All they want is a photo. Sing the song, Shahnaz asked MC Square to sing the song.

Shahnaz did not give solo photos
As soon as the song of MC Square ended, Shahnaz taunted the paparazzi. Shahnaz said – all this will be cut. Don’t know if they will do anything else. After all this, paparazzi asked Shahnaz to click a solo photo. Shahnaz’s temperature became high after hearing this. She drags MC Square inside the Bigg Boss set. Then she says – it’s done man, why should we give solo? We have come to promote the song.

Shahnaz got trolled
People have become angry after watching this video of Shahnaz Gill. Users are not liking Shahnaz’s attitude. People are asking the actress – what kind of behavior is this? Shahnaz is being trolled by calling her rude. The person wrote – Why did Shahnaz start being so angry? The second writes – Shahnaz has already changed. Useless behavior has happened. User asked – Why is Shahnaz Rude? The user called Shahnaz Zero and Katrina’s copy cat. The person asked – What is the attitude for? People called Shahnaz’s song nonsense.

On the other hand, Shahnaz Gill is also getting the support of the fans. He does not accept Shehnaaz’s fault from anywhere. They are praising Shahnaz for not giving solo pictures. He believes that Shahnaz has not come to click pictures but to promote the song. Shahnaz’s song Ghani Syaani is being liked a lot. Fans are eager to see Shahnaz and Salman together in Bigg Boss.

How did you like Shahnaz Gill’s behavior with paparazzi?

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