Thursday, December 1, 2022

Shehnaaz gill funny video: O mummy… Shehnaaz ran away saying, lion was sitting in the room

Punjab’s Katrina Kaif Shehnaaz Gill, who rose to fame with Bigg Boss, has now become the heartbeat of the entire country. She has made a name for herself. Shahnaz’s fan following is continuously increasing. The actress stays connected with the fans through her videos and photos. People find his every action very endearing. Now watch this new video itself… where a lion came in front of him. Shahnaz ran out of the room out of fear.

Lion came, Shahnaz got scared
Whatever Shahnaz does, it is fun. In the words of the fans, it is not only funny but very tickling. People find her so cute that everyone likes to see her laughing, eating, playing and talking. Recently, Shahnaz shared a video on her Instagram account, where she is looking scared. By sharing this video, he himself wrote – ‘I got scared’.

In the video, Shahnaz is seen in a room with her team members. A lion is also roaming in another room. Although he is a trend lion, he also has a leash tied around his neck. But it is a dangerous animal, seeing which anyone can get scared. So Shahnaz also went to meet him, but was scared to see the lion. She even screamed and started running away from there by saying “O Mummy”.

Fans turned to Shahnaz’s expression

But Shahnaz dared again. The people present there tried to convince him and said that he would not do anything. But Shahnaz’s fear was not taking the name of getting out. Somehow she reached that room fearfully, and as soon as the lion started coming near her, Shahnaz Wahe started chanting the Guru’s name. Saying that Guru is the true king, Shahnaz was also daring to go near the lion, but she ran away again out of fear.

Seeing this video, a wave of smile has run on everyone’s face. Because this is Shahnaz, whose every action is very cute and lovely to the fans. Fans are commenting and advising Shahnaz to have courage. Some users are even calling her a lioness. At the same time, a user said that don’t be afraid Shahnaz, he will also fall in love with you after meeting you.

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