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Share files wirelessly between Android and your PC or Mac

Share files wirelessly or send documents wirelessly between your mobile or laptop devices It shouldn’t be a problem. All the Android devices, Windows laptops or Apple computers They have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity that should make it easier to send files and documents. But the reality is more complex. However, it is becoming easier to make this possible.

If you use an Android device, you will be familiar with Nearby Share either Share with Nearby. It’s Google’s answer to AirPlay from Apple. These are private services or protocols that take advantage of WiFi and Bluetooth connections to send and receive files wirelessly over a short distance. Without accessing the internet. This way you forget about cables.

Since Google integrated Nearby Share on Android, it has been improving. Until now, it only served to share files wirelessly from android to android. At most, you could also send to Chrome OS. But now you can also communicate officially with a Windows PC. And unofficially, you can even send files and documents from Android to Mac. Let’s look at all the possible combinations.

Wireless sharing from Android to Android

Share with Nearbyor Nearby Share in English, is available on devices with Android 6.0 and later versions. You will find this option integrated into the menu Share in any of the applications you have installed on your device. And you will also find it in the application Files by Google o Google Files, which you will have to install to be able to use it. This app is used to organize your things on your mobile or tablet, make some space by deleting unnecessary files and to share files wirelessly.

Thus, to share files wirelessly from android to android:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth and the Wifi on both devices (from Quick Settings)
  2. Also activate the location on both devices (from Quick Settings)
  3. Enable the feature Share with Nearby
  4. Activate the notifications Share with Nearby on both devices
  5. From Google Files, go to Menu > Settings > Share with Nearby
  6. Anyway, when you go to share something, it will ask you to activate it if it is not activated
  7. Go to tab Share with Nearby from Google Files
  8. Click on Send to choose which files you are going to send
  9. Once selected, click Send again
  10. Compatible nearby devices will be displayed
  11. Tap on the chosen device
  12. On the other device, you will have to accept shipment when you see the notification

You can also share files from the Share menu in any application, including Google’s own Files. Simply select the file or folder to share, click on the Share menu and follow the sending process as we have seen before.

Send files from Android to Windows

Recently, Google has created a Nearby Sharing app to install on Windows 10 64-bit and later. This way, in addition to sharing files wirelessly from Android to Android, you can send photos, videos or whatever you want from Android to your Windows PC. And backwards. And you can even send files and folders from windows to windows. Fast and easy.

Wireless file sharing between Windows and Android is very simple with this free tool

To send files from Android to Windows:

  1. Active Bluetooth and Wifi on both devices
  2. Active Share with Nearby on Android
  3. From Google Files, go to Menu > Settings > Share with Nearby
  4. Install the Share with Nearby app on your Windows PC
  5. Opens Share with Nearby on Windows
  6. Sign in with your Google account and activate the option to make your PC visible
  7. From Google Files or the Share menu, choose what to send and tap Send
  8. Your Windows PC will appear as a compatible device. press it
  9. On Windows, a notification to accept shipment of the files

To send content from Windows to Android or Windows:

  1. Opens Share with Nearby on windows
  2. Drag and drop the files and folders you are going to share
  3. Or choose them by clicking on the corresponding link in the application
  4. Compatible Android and Windows devices will appear
  5. Click on the device in question
  6. On that device, a notification to accept shipment

Share files from Android to Mac

The Nearby Share or Nearby Sharing service is limited to Android and Windows. However, a developer has created an unofficial app so you can share files wirelessly. from Android to macOS. With the same ease as we have seen before. The app is called NearDrop and it shows up in the menu bar, and when you send something from Android, a notification will appear on macOS so you can approve or reject the shipment.

With NearDrop you can share files wirelessly between Android and macOS via Nearby Sharing

To send files wirelessly from Android to macOS:

  1. Activate Share with Nearby on Android as we saw before
  2. Install NearDrop on your Mac
  3. Open it and activate NearDrop notifications in Settings > Notifications
  4. On your Mac and Android you only need activate WiFi
  5. From Google Files or the Android Share menu, choose what to send
  6. Click on Send and you will see your Mac in the list of compatible devices
  7. Click on the Mac icon to start sending
  8. On your Mac, you’ll see a notification. Click on the dropdown to Accept either Decline

Of course, there are other ways to share files between Android and Windows or Mac. With or without cable. For example, through the internet with specialized services that connect your Android and your PC or Mac. Or with the solutions offered by Microsoft, Samsung and others to link your PC with Android. In any case, Google’s solution, Share with Nearby, is one of the simplest and fastest. It is secure, does not depend on connecting to the internet and will help you send files and folders between devices short distance.

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