Friday, September 22, 2023

Several employees fired by Elon Musk, happy with Threads: “Anything is better than the current Twitter”

Threads it emerged like an earthquake that destabilized Twitter. It is practically the copy of the network of the little blue bird, but without so much toxicity (for the moment) nor the chaotic changes of Elon Musk. And several people see it positively in particular: the employees fired by the tycoon.

When Elon Musk bought Twitter last October, he laid off almost half of the staff, some 6,000 people. many saw how they had to rebuild their working lives a few months before the December holidays.

Today, Threads’ rise is savored as a triumph of their own by many, the Meta network linked to Instagram. A sweet revenge.

In general, they see Threads as a calmer version of Twitter. They even go so far as to say: “Anything is better than the Twitter we have now”, according to an anonymous former employee, quoted by Innews.

Melissa Ingle, a senior data scientist at the nest until last November, explained to the portal that she sees “Lots of potential for this to be the one to replace Twitter.”

“Engagement is the lifeblood of these apps. We’ve all seen other social media startups die out of disinterest. The pre-built user base bodes well on that front.” Ingle told Inews.

Let’s remember that Threads works with the same Instagram base: You have to register on the image network to access the text network.

Can Threads fail? This is what former Twitter employees say

This photo taken in New York on Wednesday, July 5, 2023 shows the logo for Meta's new Threads app on the left and Twitter's on the right.  (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

But there are also doubts about Threads among former Twitter workers. Manu Cornet, a software engineer who was with the company until the wave of layoffs, acknowledged that Threads can help dilute the audience, but “It doesn’t introduce anything new, from what I’ve seen.”

An anonymous former employee explained why he did not want to open the Threads account: “I went to download it, I saw that you cannot delete an account without your Instagram account And then I avoided it.”

And they go further: “Fundamentally I do not understand its existence in the market. Seeing it as a Twitter lifeline makes sense, but the problems that are already arising with the regulators of the European Union and its lack of purpose seem to indicate that it is not there to last.

So far, Threads has exceeded the 100 million registered users, and counting. Can it definitely replace Twitter?


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