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SES Party cut off support for Kılıçdaroğlu after Özdağ’s decision: Unacceptable

Victory Party Chairman Ümit Özdağ announced that he would support Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in the second round of the presidential election. While the echoes of Özdağ’s support continued, a statement came from the SES Party, whose founding chairman was Ayhan Bilgen.


In the statement made by the SES Party, the comment that ‘it did not receive enough attention from the society because it was focused on the discussion of the government system instead of economic problems’ was made in the first round regarding the opposition.

In the same statement, it was underlined that the parliamentary majority provided by the People’s Alliance in the first round should be paid attention and respected in the second round as well, and the comment was made regarding the 29 May election, ‘It imposes a historical responsibility on everyone’.

'Özdağ' statement from SES Party: It is not possible for us to support

The full statement from the SES Party is as follows:

“This weekend, the second round of elections will be held to elect the President who will rule our country for the next five years.

Elections are an important opportunity for the society to express its expectations from politics and to participate in the decision-making and management process. It is the only opportunity.

Despite the polarizing political language in this process, the social maturity displayed did not allow any chaos to occur.

Although our party was only recently established, it has persistently drawn attention to the importance of opposition, the change in party culture and the need for structural transformation in politics from the very first day.

Opposition; Despite all our warnings, it did not receive enough attention from the society as it was locked in the discussion of the government system instead of focusing on reassuring and convincing concrete solutions to economic problems.

In this context, turning the first round of the election into a government system referendum has been a wrong strategy. Therefore, it is a democratic obligation to respect the will of the voters regarding the majority preference in the TGNA and to take this preference into account in the second round.

The need for constructive opposition to find solutions to the global and regional problems facing the country will have a much more vital meaning as of 29 May. The will to compromise within the parliament for a libertarian and egalitarian new civil constitution imposes a historical responsibility on everyone.

Whoever wins the election, we hope that both candidates will consider this expectation in their parliamentary groups. It will be an important gain in terms of social peace if the candidate who will win shows an attitude that embraces not only the segments that support him, but the whole country.

We consider the will of the voters from the perspective of a free individual, conscious citizen and responsible society, and we respect the will of every voter who is devoted to our party.

In this context;

Taking into account the existential reasons of our party, the statement of Victory Party Chairman Ümit Özdağ that he will support the Nation Alliance after the agreement reached with CHP Chairman Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is unacceptable for our party and our party base.

In the new era, where we believe that issues such as social peace, political reconciliation and social integration should be a priority, it is not possible for us to support the Nation Alliance and Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu due to a paradigm shift that is diametrically opposed to these expectations.

Our determination in this matter is unwavering.

We respectfully announce it to the public.”


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