Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sergio Ramos: “I have between four or five more years left at a high level”

Sergio RamosSpanish central defender for Paris Saint-Germain, affirms in an interview with former French soccer player Ludovic Giuly on the Amazon Prime France platform that he has “between four or five more years” left as a “high-level” footballer.

When asked how much time he thinks he has left as a professional, Ramos says: “Between four or five more years at a high level. And then live another experience. Here, in Paris, I have two years (of contract). We will try to make it three; one more. Then we’ll see. As long as my physique holds up, I think my head is very well focused.”

On whether he can choose between being the best in the world or playing for the best team in the world, Ramos answers: “I prefer to play in the best team in the world because in the end football is a collective sport and it’s about winning for everyone. Before being individually the best in the world, I prefer to play world championships, Champions… You always need the work of your team”.

When asked if he prefers to play for his club or for his country, Ramos affirms: “The feeling of your homeland, of your country… is always something very, very big. Afterwards, your team is the one you owe yourself to. You have to play well in your team to go to your national team It is a similar feeling, but at the same time different. I could not stay with my team or with the national team. They are the two unique feelings. Yes, it is true that with the national team you can aspire to be world champion.”


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